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Xzibit - Best of Things
I was voted most likely to have a......
Let′s start the process of elimination
This dedication is for niggaz with the green......
Xzibit - Deeper
Verse 1:
Yeah so it all comes down to this (what?)
Specialist with a hit list
Right fist bomb type M.G.M. fight night type......
Xzibit - Front 2 Back
[Xzibit - repeat 3X]
Oh no, X get drunk and fuck fo′......
Please stop runnin yo′ mouth......
Actin like you′ve never seen a dick......
Xzibit - Choke Me, Spank Me (Pull My Hair)
[Chorus: girl - repeat 4X]
Choke me, spank me, pull my hair

Xzibit - Focus
Yo, turn it up a little so you (Focus)

Homeboy I ain′t never gon let em take......
I maintain with a mindframe to bring the......
Xzibit - Get Your Walk On
(Yeah) I can drink a whole Henessey fifth
Some call that a problem but I call it a......
Xzibit make the whole continent shift (hell......
Xzibit - Symphony In X Major
ft. Dr. Dre

Time to snap out of it, welcome to the real......
Xzibit - Alkaholik
[X] C′mon
[E] Xzibit!
[X] Yeah..
[E] Ahh, ahh, E-Dub
Xzibit - Los Angeles Times
At this time, please extinguish all smoking......
Return all seat backs, and tray tables
to their most upright, and long position
Also at this time please take care to fasten......
Xzibit - Break Yourself
Last but not least we off the leash
The Art of War reach for your masterpiece
Feel the release from the phantom bangs you
Xzibit - D.N.A (Drugs-N-Alkahol)
[X] Drugs-N-Alkahol baby! Ahhh!
[S] Uhh.. mm that′s funky.. ohh!

Xzibit - What A Mess
Yeah, keep that
Huh.. what a mess
Yeah.. I see you (PRIMO!!)
Yeah.. I was blessed with some clarity......
Xzibit - Kenny Parker Show 2001
You are now tuned in to the ultimate......
You know what time it is!
Xzibit steps up to the mic
Xzibit - Hey now
[Verse 1]
I′m a menace, to society baby
the police want to relocate me
they run up with gun up, but they......
Xzibit - 3 Card Molly
[Ras Kass]
What, yeah, yeah
Black John McClane, Harold the Menace, and......
with my nigga Bud′da, on the track
Xzibit - Foundation
Verse 1]
When I look you in your eyes I can see my......
Straight love manifested in flesh and bone
You′s a breath of fresh air in this......
Xzibit - Just Maintain
I look you in the grill
And I laugh inside
Niggas always perpetratin
Xzibit - Loud & Clear
Addicted to life, had to pay a heavy-ass......
Sacrifice worth waitin on the platinum and......
Xzibit - Harder
(feat. Ras Kass, Saafir (Golden State......

Ah, I don′t wanna hear shit
Get off ya motherfucking ass
Xzibit - Eyes May Shine
Yeah yeah
Look, you could′ve got away but your......
Can′t preserve life ′cause the......
Teflon, Napalm, Homicide scenes
Xzibit - The Gambler
(feat. Anthony Hamilton)

Yeah.. welcome.. yeah.. huh.. there′s......
Xzibit - At The Speed Of Life

Listen you fuckers, you screwheads
Here′s a man who won′t take it......
Xzibit - Double Time
Watch me watch me, bonafide hard copy
Hip-hop nazi dispose of the Liberace′s
Extra extra, enjoy the lecture
Xzibit - Heart Of Man
Ain′t a damn thing promised to ya
Except livin your life, and dyin one day,......
It take a whole lot, just to get a little
Xzibit - Inside Job
[Intro: Xzibit]
Mr. X to the Z (who am I?)
M-m-m-mr. X (who am I?)
X to the to-the-to-the Z
Xzibit - My Name
ft. Eminem, Nate Dogg

This ain′t beef man
Xzibit - Plastic Surgery
featuring Ras Kass, Saafir

Arabian Voice:Doctor, Doctor, I need help......
Xzibit - Spit Shine
Verse 1
I ′ma clean this whole shit out like......
with words put togeather better then sony......
king of the jungle, humbly stay honest,
Xzibit - Enemies & Friends
Intro: Xzibit, [J-Ro]

1996, dysfunctional member
Of the Alkaholik family, yo
Xzibit - Chamber Music
Verse One:

The official representative, LAC
This is phrophecy manifested by X to the Z

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