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Vanilla Sky - Your Words
This ringing is getting on my nerves
Your message, it always hurt someone that I......
Please tell me what you think about
The way you turn me inside out
Vanilla Sky - Just Dance (Lady GaGa Cover)
I’ve had a little bit too much
All of the people start to rush. Start to......
How does he twist the dance?
Can’t find my drink oh man.
Vanilla Sky - Distance
I know you hide something inside
You never tried to get the chance to fit it
But now it′s time to leave this lie
I never tried to fight the way I feel it
Vanilla Sky - Unfriend
I remember when they told me that I′d......
I remember all the tears of my youngest......
I was sick of the way I was feeling everyday
Pretending to be strong when I was hiding my......
Vanilla Sky - Nightmare
What am I doing here?
what happened before?
Did I mess up?

Vanilla Sky - A Thousand Miles
Making my way downtown
Walking fast
Faces pass
And I′m home bound
Vanilla Sky - Have You Ever Seen The Rain
Have You ever seen the rain
Drops Gives to the earth What the sun Stole
Have you ever suffered pain
Noone worry about you you′re alone
Vanilla Sky - Wait For The Sun
Another day is gone. So many have died.
I still cannot find the reason why.
We′re standing this crimes,......
pretending not to see what they hide.
Vanilla Sky - The Point
Another day closed in my mind
Think of the things they say I like
They take my time I lose the sight
Of all the things I really need
Vanilla Sky - Not Your Friend
I don′t want to be antidepressant
I just hope you′re not Playing those......
when i awake i′ve got so many things i......
everyone sometimes feels shy
Vanilla Sky - New Heart
When I looked into your eyes
It’s like I reached the sky
And never falling down
When I look into your mind
Vanilla Sky - Xmas Girl
Even though Christmas night
Is coming i can’t feel fine
Everywhere it′s full of lights
Reminding me the best December
Vanilla Sky - Looking For Memories
I found my memories in the end
You looked so beautiful
You were always smiling
And I never was so sad
Vanilla Sky - 70 Miles Far Away
We′re gonna party tonight
we all sit back in my car
music is taking us tonoght to a better......
70 miles far away,
Vanilla Sky - Broken Car
Grey is the sky today and so is my heart
memories of a friendship that now seems so......
chased dreams of past days...I was really......
I have never thought my best friends could......
Vanilla Sky - Suddenly
I′m sorry for running away from you
I′m sorry for not being enough for......
I love the way you hold my hands
I miss all my time with you
Vanilla Sky - The Ghost Track
Looking Back into the past
all that I can see
Is that I believed
Friendship would forever last
Vanilla Sky - Wastin′ All My Time
And you say that I was strong
enough to write this song
enough to say "I can be fine also being......
Have you ever look at the sky

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