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Vanilla Ninja - Cool Vibes
Don′t want you to lead me to the dark
Don′t need you to tear my heart apart
Don′t do that, the people say that......
I know you can set me free
Vanilla Ninja - Just another day to live
Shadows in your heart
Deception in your eyes
Your smile seems to be
Like violence in disguise
Vanilla Ninja - I know
You stalk in – givin’ me a bad thrill
You just look cool - and you′re......
And I feel that you
Think you′re a big seducer
Vanilla Ninja - Polluter
I will close my eyes and hide my face.
I don′t want discrib to see,
those tears that running down my theeks.
I′m too ashamed to show I′m......
Vanilla Ninja - Undercover Girl
Rebel inside
She′s always in disguise
Destined to kill
What she thought was real
Vanilla Ninja - My puzzle of dreams
raindrops falling down from the sky
feeling empty inside
searching for reasons to hold on
no one sees the struggle in me
Vanilla Ninja - Hellracer
He was there in the shadow
Saw her with the other man
Kissing him in the twilight
And he felt the tears of hate and rage again
Vanilla Ninja - Never Gotta Know
you can see the shadows in my daydreams
you won′t feel the turture in my mind
baby you don′t realize
I′m lost in scary thoughts
Vanilla Ninja - Blue Tattoo
Once upon a lifetime
The spirits of the dark
Came to kill the beauty
Of our world
Vanilla Ninja - I don′t care at all
I′m happy to see we′re still......
I started to wonder
I needed to see you stay near
Through rain and the thunder
Vanilla Ninja - Don′t you realize
Don′t you realize
Don′t you understand
It′s the final cut
It′s the bitter end
Vanilla Ninja - Corner In My mind
I can see a man
walk away and bend in his head
he won′t turn around

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