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Vanessa Hudgens - Lose Your Love (текст песни)

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Lose Your Love

If I should lose your love boy
Shame on me
I was just too stubborn
Too blind to see
That I would lose your love, boy
Just tell me how to get you back
Cause I could never lose your love
Don′t wanna lose your love(i don′t wanna lose your LOVE)

I remember the moment I first looked in your eyes
And seen nothin looking back at me
It was then I realized
that even though you were there
Your heart was long gone
And I knew right then how lost I′d be
Before you move on


Before its final, before you close the door
I am asking you, please can we try this once more
Just hold me tight, don′t ever let go
And if never comes around I want you to know
I want you, I need you, can′t lose you tonight
I won′t do nothing to lose you
I won′t lose this fight
I′m going to make it right


@ Vanessa Hudgens

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Испонитель: Vanessa Hudgens
Название песни: Lose Your Love
Количество просмотров: 85
Количество сообщений: 0

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