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Trey Songz - Ooo
Yeah, they call me Trey Songz
Lets go, lets go, lets go
lets go lets go
Trey Songz - Gotta Go
Good evening
I′d like to thank everybody for coming......
Hope your flights were safe
Trey Songz - Make Love Tonight
[Verse 1:]
Excuse me woman, but it′s something on......
Baby girl I must confess, and I′m......
And it won′t take nothing, just a......
Trey Songz - Missin You
I can′t stop missing you, wish I was......
I can′t stop missing you NO, NO, NO,......
I can′t stop missing you, wish I was......
Trey Songz - Yesterday (Remix)
Oh ohh noo ohh ohh

Trey Songz - Fly Together
(feat. Jim Jones)
[Verse 1: Trey Songz]
Maybe Its The Dude, Maybe Its The Cool
Maybe Its My Shoes, Call Em 22′s
Trey Songz - Sex For Yo Stereo
When you see me in the videos babe,
Do I make your body go crazy?
Or when you catch me in a magazine baby,
Trey Songz - Wonder Woman
[Verse 1:]
Your Face Is Amazin Blazin, Hot Like Cajun,......
Please No Gimmicks, She Tellin Me To Chill......
Trey Songz - Just Wanna Cut
Can you listen baby
I know that it might sound crazy
Cut, I just wanna cut
Trey Songz - Doorbell
Ding Dong Ding Dong
Ding Dong Ding Dong
Quess who is coming to dinner tonight?
You gon′ be a part of my meal tonight,
Trey Songz - Hood Love
Yeah they love it when I come through
Rollin like a thug dude
Top down, glidin in some nu
Trey Songz - Store Run
[Trey talking]
It′s Songbook, baby.
Oh, oh, oh. Whoo.
Trey Songz - Right Above It
She keeps telling me
You know you’re the shit
Ladies through your hands up
That’s if you’re the shit
Trey Songz - Ur Behind
[Verse One]
So unsual to me
How I can see
That thang you got
Trey Songz - Already Taken
[Verse 1]
Every night up in the club getting money......
Then there was you
And I don’t want to be a player no more
Trey Songz - Love Faces
When I met you woman
I couldn′t help but notice a face so......
Now imagine, the faces you′d make if......
(Oh, oh, oh, oh)
Trey Songz - We Should Be
Baby, you′re lookin′ so lovely,
I′m thinkin′ bout you......
Kissin me, touchin′ me.
Trey Songz - In the Middle
(Ummmm no)
If I could be up in the middle of
Just wanna be in the middle of
Middle of your love
Trey Songz - A Message From Aretha
[Aretha Franklin]
Trey...This is Aretha
Believe in yourself
Believe in your dreams
Trey Songz - Last Time
[Trey: Talking]
This The Last Ime, Its The Last Chapter
[Verse 1:]
Cuz If She Catch Me With You
Trey Songz - All The Ifs
[Verse One]
It′s still ringing in my ear
You screamin′ out of here
And I can see it like it just went down
Trey Songz - Gotta Make It
(feat. Twista)
Just Gotta Make It (alright)
Just Gotta Make It
Just Gotta Make It (alright)
Trey Songz - Grub On
Damn, I′m so hungry.
Plus I′m layin.
What time is it?
I′ll tell you what...
Trey Songz - No Clothes On
No Clothes On
We Back, hey
(Let me hear you say)
Trey Songz - Cheat On You
Hey ladies! (hey ladies)
I know you gotta feel me on this
You see theres something thats been worrying......
Trey Songz - Role Play
See If I Snuck Up In Ya Bed Room,
Touch U While Ya Sleep,
Wuld U Act Suprised As If U Didn′t Kno......
Came 2 Steal Ya Heart Gurl,
Trey Songz - Freaky Deaky
Ass shaken at a quarter to 2 and I′m......
Freak me Freak me
Body′s caught an applause you can hear......
Trey Songz - Long Gone Missin
[Verse - Rap]
The Prince is back!
May Day, Trey Day
Trey Songz - Can′t Help But Wait
I Cant Help But Wait. Ohhhh I
I Cant Help But Wait
(Check It Out)
[Verse 1: Trey Songz]
Trey Songz - Still Hurt (bonus track)
It doesn′t matter who creepin first
It don′t matter who be the worst
Any secret we keepin it′s gon′......
You don′t tell what you peeped or......

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