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Travie McCoy - The Manual (текст песни)

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The Manual

They say anything is possible
And life′s just another obstacle
Well show me the manual
And the man responsible
I went lookin for answers in the hospital
And came back wit a pocket full
When I stole the manual
And killed the man responsible

Now we all make mistakes
But those mistakes just make us who we are
And not who we choose to be (no)
My faith got misplaced
Somewhere between a superstar
And the boy that I used to be

[T-Pain Hook:]
Hey hey
I′m just tryin to be who you say you are, but who are you
I′m just tryin to be who you say are the stars and who is cool
But who am I (ooooo)
I′m the dude responsible, hey
But who am I (ooooo) hey
I′m the dude responsible


They said clothes don′t make the man
But I′m gonna show you how fresh I am
As soon as I pay my water bill
And a couple other bills

They said they got a cure for my smile
Rather for my lack there of
So they gave me another pill
But it was just a water pill

You know we all make mistakes
But they just make us insecure
And a little uncomfortable

My faith got misplaced
Between who I was before
And the dude you think you know


[Young Cash:]
I′ma be in the hood sippin yacht wit my boys
At the keg parties with the white boys
At the beach with the surfers in Beverly Hills
At an ex party with vicks and light toys
I guess you can call me a chameleon
I adapt to any situation I′m in
And my momma aint raise no fools
I′m jus comfortable in the skin that I am in

Now we all make mistakes
Yeah I′m a walking contradiction
And plus I neva listen ooooo
And my faith got misplaced
Somewhere along the lines of
Tryna make my mind up yeah


@ Travie McCoy

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Испонитель: Travie McCoy
Название песни: The Manual
Количество просмотров: 86
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