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Travie McCoy - Critical
(verse 1)
If the time, Is near
Then fine, I′ve been waitin′......
Fought lines, in my mind
Travie McCoy - Need You
I know it′s not your fault, but......
any time I′m a mess by someone before
And I wish that I, I could find a key
to unlock all the things you want us to be
Travie McCoy - The Manual
They say anything is possible
And life′s just another obstacle
Well show me the manual
Travie McCoy - Superbad
Drive slow, drive fast
whatever the destination is Imma leave all......
it aint my fault. better say a prayer cause......
john mayer. i swear. i came here to give em......
Travie McCoy - Akidagain
Let the kid′s sing

Back in the days when I was young, I′m......
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid......
Travie McCoy - After Midnight
(Hey Hey)
After midnight we are out of control
We outta control x3
Travie McCoy - Don′t Pretend
don′t pretend, don′t pretend......
pretend that you will ever love again

Travie McCoy - We′ll Be Alright
We are young, we run free
Stay up late, we dont sleep
Got our friends, got the night
Well be alright
Travie McCoy - DrFeel Good
Straps? Bring the hook in

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