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Trapt - Break Me Out
Let′s pretend
we′re far away
Away from problems
found each day
Trapt - Waiting
I wanna meet up with you
And show you what I′m thinking
I′ll take you anywhere
That you wanna go
Trapt - Wasteland
You don′t ever ask me why
you don′t read the signs
you give me way too many reasons
for me to wanna get high
Trapt - Headstrong
Circling your, circling your, circling your......
Contemplating everything you ever said
Now I see the truth, I got doubt
A different motive in your eyes and now I’m......
Trapt - The Game
How have you been, nice to see you again
How quickly these conversations seem to end
You meet a friend, every now and then
How quickly these relations turn into trends
Trapt - Enigma
Do we know how to get the message across
We turn the lights off to find a way out
No time to get through to grasp what was......
Don′t turn the light off and leave me......
Trapt - The Last Tear
Sharp pain when you breathe in deep
no one to catch your insecurities
you cling to the sadness in your dreams
being happy is something you don′t......
Trapt - Echo
Close my eyes
Let the whole thing pass me by
There is no time
Trapt - Curiosity Kills
Everybody turn your cameras on
look who′s on the run, the night is......

let me know, let me know how far you take it
Trapt - Ready When You Are
Are you having trouble keeping up Seeing......
I want to know who you′re running from......
You′re too confused to open up Feel......
I want to know who you′re thinking of......
Trapt - Alibi
Don′t be ashamed,
Closing your weary eyes,
Nervous and in disguise,
Covered in white lies.
Trapt - Victim
Let me play
I′ve been dying to let you in
It′s all I wanna be
So won′t you take it from me
Trapt - Bleed Like Me
Have your nails scratch the deepest
Have you broken skin this time
Made your mark and took me deeper
As you drown me with your eyes
Trapt - When All Is Said And Done
You have a chance to really shine now
Well patience never was one of your true......
Stop trying to control everything and f***......
what do you have to prove?
Trapt - New Beginning
The pressure is building I want to break......
Motivation is lacking the point starts to......
I look to the bottom still empty still the......
I′m waiting for something to show me......
Trapt - Lost Realist
My independence is calling my name
A doubtful voice divides my faith
My independence only hesitates
An unsure choice I can′t embrace
Trapt - Stand Up
Why don′t you let me be
Leave me alone
You start a fire inside that I could never......
You wanna see a reaction
Trapt - Contagious
I was sick of restrictions sick of the......
Such a lack of conviction no real connection......
But you caught my attention you built on the......
Now I don′t know what to do with......
Trapt - Disconnected (Out Of Touch)
You never listen to me,
You cannot look me in the eyes.
I have struggled to see
Why its so easy to push me aside....
Trapt - Product Of My Own Design
I′ve opened up my eyes, so tell me......
I′ve opened up my mind, so tell me how......
Use your big words and show me how to speak
You can′t live your life through me
Trapt - Repeat Offender
Where do I turn
I′m always questioning my sanity
Will I ever learn
I have always stolen my identity
Trapt - Black Rose
I saw you in the garden I wanted you so much
I really thought that you were different Oh......
I tried to save you from yourself I felt......
now the lows have drowned the highs away now......
Trapt - Skin Deep
This attraction
Only to appearance
Becoming your religion
Looks are every thing
Trapt - Hollowman
I can′t remember
The last time you cared about anything
The last time you allowed yourself to be......
so pretentious your lies unrelenting......
Trapt - These Walls
Something missing
Left behind
Search in circles
Every time I try
Trapt - Influence
Liquid courage
Pouring down
Sober surface
Hits the ground
Trapt - Use Me To Use You
Its hard to trust a stranger
You′re a stranger to yourself
So who′s to blame
Drown away emotion
Trapt - Lie Awake
If it′s not this one won′t find......
Cause it′s overcoming reason and
Taking me under
It′s controlling all of me
Trapt - Cover Up
You must have pulled the trigger
your eyes give you away
The gun in your hand still smoking
you don′t have to take the blame
Trapt - Only One In Color
I′ve been searchin all my life I used......
Do you want to share your dreams, see a......


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