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Trail Of Tears - My Comfort (текст песни)

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My Comfort

My comfort
Why do you let me fall
When you see I′m about to absorb the torment
Why do you hide and run away
When I turn to the shades
When I run from the hate
If you could grant me some strength
I could chase the thoughts away

Come lift me up
Make it stop
Don′t play me false
Never again
I′ll find my long lost salvation

Why do you let me down
When you see I′m about to deliver the poison
Why do you hide and run away
When I close my eyes
And let my mind astray
If you could grant me some strength
I could suffocate the pain

Come out from the shadows
To face the day of retaliation
I will consume the poison in
Your name and suck you dry

What will it take for me to face
These fearful hours
To face the facts I cannot bear

I′ll consume the poison in your name
Terment strikes you all the same
A phase completed
Now let it pass

What will it take for me to face
These fearful hours
What will it take for you to help
Me find my long lost salvation
My comfort
My inner self

@ Trail Of Tears

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Испонитель: Trail Of Tears
Название песни: My Comfort
Количество просмотров: 94
Количество сообщений: 0

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