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Trail Of Tears - Decadence Becomes Me (текст песни)

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Decadence Becomes Me

Decadence become me
Halfway into the second glass
As I sit indulding in my mental filth

Indulge with me and kill you pride
Sin is in so join the fold
Let the only truth be told

Decadence become me
As my mind is getting sick
Taken into hopeless solitude
Decadence become me
As I′m heading to the floor
Someday I′ll be out to have some more

Decadence become me
Halfway into the seventh glass
My senses shaken as the green ones pass

My image bleeds before your eyes
Sin is in so join the fold
Forget the rules that you were told

I feel the light escape my soul
Trying to gain control
Temptations everywhere
And I dare not resist
No I dare not resist
I′m too weak to turn away

@ Trail Of Tears

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Испонитель: Trail Of Tears
Название песни: Decadence Becomes Me
Количество просмотров: 110
Количество сообщений: 0

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