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Tommy Lee - Face To Face
let the mayhem begin...

i thought you had my back.. thought i knew......
it′s clear to me.. you′ll see........
Tommy Lee - Hold me down
I don′t make everyone happy, but......
I′ve been through this before
It′s nothin new, nothin new

Tommy Lee - Sister Mary
Don′t be afraid
I′m here for you
And the audience applauded as I get her the......
from me
Tommy Lee - Make Believe
Its breaking in me
Its needless to say
(Now this part is done
When did I go wrong)
Tommy Lee - Good Times
Put down the magazine and get off the phone
theres a place i wanna show ya where it wont......
take a ride
take a ride
Tommy Lee - Hello, Again
(feat. Andrew McMahon)

There′s so much to say to you from......
Is this transmission coming clear
Tommy Lee - Blue
this gravity is pulling me
hold on
this time of change seems so strange
don′t let me go...
Tommy Lee - Fame 02
fame.. makes a man take things over
fame.. let′s him loose.. hard to......
fame.. puts you there where things are......
Tommy Lee - Why Is It
why do we always feel so bad, so bad
we never know what we have, we have

no more time to waste
Tommy Lee - Tired
In the beginning
The first four weeks
When you f*ck five times a day
Tommy Lee - Sunday
your vision′s blurred.. your mouth is......
it is sunday
just another sunday
your body aches.. your conscience sleeps
Tommy Lee - Body Architects
i′m starting from scratch
i′m putting the pieces together
day by day.. one by one.. i′m the only......
my surroundings affect the structure.. of my......
Tommy Lee - Ashamed
i feel alone... i feel like i could die
i feel alone... i feel like i could die.........
carry on carry on

Tommy Lee - Afterglow
we′re back again, let′s begin
we never left you... yeah
the time is now... we′ll show ya how,......
you know it′s on, to the break of dawn......
Tommy Lee - People So Strange
comin to getcha.. one autograph.. one......
buyin the shots, hittin the rock.. yeah........

and they say "Hey, remember me?" you know my......
Tommy Lee - Watch You Lose
The last of you is left of me
In my review a memory
A bridge you burned is meant to be
I cant rebuild the rest of me
Tommy Lee - Makin′ Me Crazy
Seasons change
And you remain to find me here
A parting gift
You woke me to how I can feel
Tommy Lee - Higher
check my new jam i′m bringing
when i′m done with you your ears will......
i bring the rock hard..slinging bad ass......
that′ll cut you til you′re......
Tommy Lee - Trying to Be Me
I pull out of the driveway
and head out on the highway
and I can see them in my rearview mirror
hanging out the window

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