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Tom Waits - Alice
It′s dreamy weather we′re on
You waved your crooked wand
Along an icy pond with a frozen moon
A murder of silhouette crows I saw
Tom Waits - Cold Cold Ground
Crest fallen sidekick in an old cafe
never slept with a dream before he had to go......
there′s a bell in the tower
Uncle Ray bought a round
Tom Waits - Blue Valentines
She sends me blue valentines
All the way from Philadelphia
To mark the anniversary
Of someone that I used to be
Tom Waits - Chocolate Jesus
Don′t go to church on Sunday
Don′t get on my knees to pray
Don′t memorize the books of the Bible
I got my own special way
Tom Waits - I′ll Be Gone
Tonight I′ll shave the mountain
I′ll cut the hearts from pharoahs
I pull the road off of the rise
tear the memories from my eyes

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