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TobyMac - Getaway Car
I′m staring unaware cause I′m in......
It moves in like a fog on a seaside road
Paralyzed by the signs and the deafening......
I′m on a lock like a jock with a......
TobyMac - Atmosphere
I know you keep a journal and every page is......
From the tears that you cry, ain′t no......
Cause words can′t describe what......
It′s like thousand foot walls, and......
TobyMac - Hey Now
Hey now, I feel a new one comin′ on so......
Right now and I′m gonna dedicate this......
Hey now, one love, one God out of many his......
Right now it′s been a long time......
TobyMac - Irene
Hush little baby baby don′t you cry
Daddy′s gonna sing you a lullaby
Everything′s gonna be alright
The Lord′s gonna answer your prayer......
TobyMac - Triple Skinny
(Anyways I told the guy, ′Nice coat!
Who shot the cow?!′)(laughter)
(Hey how ya doin today?)

TobyMac - Do You Know
Do you know where you′re going to
Do you like the things that life is showing......
Where are you going to
Do you know
TobyMac - New World

No one believed her
TobyMac - Made To Love
[Verse 1:]
The dream is fading, now i′m staring......
I know its over cause me feet have hit the......
Check my reflection, I aint feelin what I......
TobyMac - Suddenly
She blew everything to pieces
He’s there hanging on to Jesus
She broke everything about him down
He said he never saw it coming
TobyMac - No Ordinary Love
Momma never said it would be like this
I never knew such bliss existed
Or maybe it’s just so indescribable
Love was liable to get her twisted
TobyMac - No Signal
I′m on Flight 92, stuck on this runway
Waiting for a storm to pass before we take
Off, I just wanna get home, Lord
I′m gettin′ no signal on my......
TobyMac - The Slam
God′s in the spot you can like it or......
So rip the knob off the volume when you give......
And raise your hands as the slam starts to......
Openin′ eyes to the lies of the......
TobyMac - Fresher Than A Night At The W
Yo, its me, Tobymac and I dont meanto......
Im feelin fresher than a night at the W
You probably sayin you be hearin quite......
With God and your rhymes and that freaky......
TobyMac - Get This Party Started
Everybody everybody in the place to be
Open up your mind and let your soul be free
I can feel the Most High shining on me, so......
Let′s get this party started
TobyMac - All In
Why’s it always circumstantial?
Never any real potential
Obvious and so sequential
It always ends the same
TobyMac - Face Of The Earth
It’s been a long time coming
Since I saw your face
Since we held it down
Since we were in the chase
TobyMac - Diverse City
They call us Diverse City, we′re......
It′s like a freak show in your......
So, if you wanna praise you can come on down
Cause this freak show′s leaving the......
TobyMac - Quiet Storm
And we′re back...it′s me,
your around-the-way girl
rollin′ through the night on the
Quiet Storm.
TobyMac - Phenomenon
One Phenomenon, one phenomenon
And it just can′t be stopped......

We rock forever, we stop whenever
TobyMac - One World
One time
One world
Two times
One love
TobyMac - In The Air
I had a dream last night about the other......
And I must confess that it was quite the......
I had a dream last night and the fact that......
Gave me quite the scare
TobyMac - Burn For You
I′m a brand new man, I′m a......
I′m a man who′s burnin′......
The mistakes I′ve made have been......
I′m a brand new man in a foreign land,......
TobyMac - Extreme Days
We′re livin′ in extreme days

Comin′ at ya like a whirlwind
A hundred miles an hour′s where......
TobyMac - Gone
I told the girl that you should treat her......
She told me all the things you did and it......
She said that what you say and what you do......
While you were telling me that you were......
TobyMac - Stories (Down To The Bottom)
We′ve been down to the bottom
Stories we got ′em, when we hit rock......
If you been there put your hands in the air
To let the lost know that someone cares
TobyMac - Catchafire (Whoopsi-daisy)
Slackin′ off like a bum, I′m......
I′m feelin′ luke warm like the......
Started out and we was hot, looked up and......
We had that fire like we was boilin′......
TobyMac - Hype Man
[Tru Dog:]
Tru Dog′s back
Player from another layer?
TobyMac - Momentum
Somebody said you better let go
′Cause they said so
But I could never let this thing go
Don′t they even know what that means
TobyMac - Gotta Go
[Toby:] Yeah, hello
[Reply:] Yo Tob, what′s up?
[Toby:] A whole lot
[Reply:] What you doing?
TobyMac - Wonderin′ Why
I′ve played in L.A. and D.C.,......
And Kingston, Jamaica where my Mandy was......
It′s 98 degrees in the straight-up......
I say I′m stickin′ with her for......

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