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Toby Keith - High Maintenance Woman
(Toby Keith/Tim Wilson/Danny Simpson)

1st Verse

Toby Keith - Crash Here Tonight
I almost said: "I love you."
Could I really be that kind of guy?
To see one candle burning in your eye,
And watch my heart fill up with butterflies?
Toby Keith - Love Me If You Can
(Craig Wiseman/Chris Wallin)

1st Verse

Toby Keith - White Rose
Yea, the whole town came out to watch
The day the paved the parking lot
Somebody hung a ribbon up,
And then they cut it down
Toby Keith - Note To Self
Note to self: better call.
She′ll be mad as hell if I know her at......
′Cause today′s her birthday......
Note to self: I better not
Toby Keith - Get My Drink On
I′m gonna get my drink on, I wanna......
My baby just left home, I didn′t treat......
Right here′s where I belong, I′m......
Toby Keith - Get Drunk and Be Somebody
Yeah the big boss man, he likes to crack......
I ain′t nothing but a number on his......
I give him 40 hours and a piece of my soul,
Puts me somewhere at the bottom of his totem......
Toby Keith - Pump Jack
I see you standin′ in the sun
Like an iron dinosaur
Got your tired head restin′
On a West Texas floor
Toby Keith - Too Far This Time
It′s as sad as it′s true,
But I can′t believe a word that you......
I′ve been hopin′ for the best,
But there′s less and less an′......
Toby Keith - Big Dog Daddy
Hey Daddy!!
Oh yeah
Well I am a big dog daddy you know my face......
The band starts stompin those rhythm......
Toby Keith - A Little Too Late
It′s a little too late, I′m a......
A little too tired of this hangin′ on:
So I′m lettin′ go while......
It′s got a little too sad, I′m a......
Toby Keith - Hell No
Guess it slipped my mind: now I′m in......
For the last two years in a row,
I forgot our anniversary.
So I come rushin′ in: twelve roses in......
Toby Keith - Brand New Bow
Thought I′d call you up an′ see......
Day you were born: It′s a little......
Age is just a number an′ it′s......
Yeah, November 3rd: that′s a day I......
Toby Keith - I Know She Hung the Moon
There′s no need to apologize
This happens time and time again
As soon as somebody lays their eyes on her
They dial right in
Toby Keith - Can′t Buy You Money
I got a sweet little woman: she knows that I......
I gotten three little kids on the floor......
I got a one on the way an′ I......
I never finished payin′ the last one......
Toby Keith - Ain′t No Right Way
Seven in the mornin′,
She′d have to make a choice:
Precious baby girl,
Or a bouncin′ baby boy.
Toby Keith - Wouldn′t Wanna Be Ya
Hey goodbye senorita, you sure been a friend......
She said well adios amigo.
Some other place, some other time.
Toby Keith - I Ain′t Already There
She called me on the ′phone and said:
"C′mon, get on the plane tonight,......
So just like every time when Kimo Sabi cried......
Here come Tonto.
Toby Keith - Grain of Salt
Yeah, when I came to, you were......
I was still hung over an′ my eyes were......
Did you think things were gonna be......
Did you think you tore my heart apart?
Toby Keith - Burnin′ Moonlight
The needle showed the gas was low
And three dollars in my pocket
Her beauty got the best of me
And she didn′t try to stop it
Toby Keith - Runnin′ Block
My buddy said his girlfriend is as pretty as......
He said: "Help a brother out tonight,
"An′ come double date with me."
"She′s got a baby sister and......

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