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Tinie Tempah - Written in the Stars
[Eric Turner]
Oh written in the stars
A million miles away
A message to the main
Tinie Tempah - Pass Out
It′s ok,
I′m good,
Let′s Go!
Yeah (yeah) we bring the stars out,
Tinie Tempah - Frisky
I just can′t stop the feeling......
So if I hurt your feelings(yeah),......
I just can′t stop the feeling (nothing......
And now theyre here to stay.
Tinie Tempah - Snap
Lets go... (uh)
The ones we love
The ones we′ve lost
There′s some we frame
Tinie Tempah - Intro
Be still.
What you see is not a time,
The sky will light before you,
You′ll be lost and found again,
Tinie Tempah - Illusion
My neighbours keep gettin′ murdered so......
Bedroom filled with Nike SB′s and......
Starin′ at the ceiling listening to......
Tryna make the world play me daily like......
Tinie Tempah - Let Go
If you can see me, then you′re......
So you think you could love me, well you......
Cause my ex didn′t like it,......
Tinie Tempah - Wonderman
[Tinie Tempah - Verse 1:]
These haters couldn’t get to where I am with......
petrol, uh
My uncle used to drink a can of kestrel when......
Tinie Tempah - Simply Unstoppable
Blah, Yeah, Simple
Honey, I′m a fine boy, no pimples
I′ve done deja-vu I′ve done......
And fuckin everybody wants me on their......
Tinie Tempah - Eyes Wide Shut
They say that some things are too good to be......
But I just hope they ain′t talking......
I heard that everything must come to an end
But I just can′t imagine me without......
Tinie Tempah - Invincible (ft. Kelly Rowland)
Tinie Tempah, Ishi, Kelly Rowland, Lets go
Invincible, invincible
Invincible, invincible
We′re invincible
Tinie Tempah - Miami 2 Ibiza( feat. Swedish......
She said she likes my watch, but she wants......
And she stay up all hours watching QVC
She said she loves my songs she bought my......
And so I put her number in my Bold BB
Tinie Tempah - Obsession(feat. Swedish......
Yeah. Uhh
I think my reflection is relatively jealous......
That′s all, twittering on my apple......
Before I reach my goal lots of people had to......
Tinie Tempah - Just A Little (ft. Range)
I don?t wanna think about you,
all day long.
I don?t wanna dream about you,

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