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Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About......
Everytime we lie awake
After every hit we take
Every feeling that i get
But i haven′t missed u yet
Three Days Grace - Gone Forever
Don′t know what′s going on
Don′t know what went wrong
Feels like a hundred years I
Still can′t believe you′re gone
Three Days Grace - Never Too Late
This world will never be
What I expected
And if I don′t belong
Who would have guessed it
Three Days Grace - Pain
Pain, without love!
Pain, I can′t get enough!
Pain, I like it rough!
′Cause I′d rather feel pain than......
Three Days Grace - On My Own
I walk alone
Think of home
Memories of long ago
No one knows I lost my soul long ago
Three Days Grace - Over And Over
I feel it everyday it′s all the same
It brings me down but I′m the one to......
I′ve tried everything to get away
So here I go again
Three Days Grace - Someone Who Cares
Every street in this city
is the same to me
Everyone′s got a place to be
but there′s no room for me
Three Days Grace - Are You Ready
You′d said we′d never get this......
You said your words, we′ve played our......
Said your two cents now
It′s my turn
Three Days Grace - The Good Life
The good life is what i need
Too many people stepping over me
The only thing that′s been on my mind
The one thing i need before i die
Three Days Grace - One-X
Do you think about
Everything you′ve been through
You never thought you′d be so......
Are you wondering
Three Days Grace - Let You Down
Trust me
There’s no need to fear
Everyone’s here
Waiting for you to finally be one of us
Three Days Grace - Get Out Alive
No time for goodbye he said
As he faded away
Don′t put your life in someone′s......
Their bound to steal it away
Three Days Grace - Take Me Under
Now it seems I’m fading
All my dreams are not worth saving
I’ve done my share of waiting
And I’ve still got nowhere else to go
Three Days Grace - Last to Know
She just walked away
Why didn′t she tell me
And where do I go tonight
This isn′t happening to me
Three Days Grace - Time Of Dying
On the ground I lay
Motionless in pain
I can see my life flashing before my eyes
Dead I fall asleep
Three Days Grace - Riot
If you feel so empty
So used up, so let down
If you feel so angry
So ripped off so stepped on
Three Days Grace - Lost In You
I always knew that you′d come back to......
and you always knew that it wouldn′t......
To go back to the start to see where it all......
Or it′s up at the bottom to watch how......
Three Days Grace - Wake Up
I’m not sober all the time
You bring me down at least you try
Until we see this eye to eye
I don’t want you
Three Days Grace - Without You
What if I walked without you?
What if I ran without you?
What if I stand without you?
I could not go on
Three Days Grace - World So Cold
I never thought I’d feel this
Guilty and I’m broken down inside
Livin’ with myself
Nothing but lies
Three Days Grace - Overrated
Worn out and faded
The weakness starts to show
They’ve created the generation
That we know
Three Days Grace - Break
Tonight, my head is spinning
I need something to pick me up
I′ve tried but nothing is working
I won′t stop
Three Days Grace - Just Like You
I could be mean
I could be angry
You know I could be just like you

Three Days Grace - Let It Die
We had fire in our eyes
In the beginning I
Never felt so alive
In the beginning you
Three Days Grace - Bitter Taste
Just let me say one thing
I’ve had enough
You’re selfish and sorry
You’ll never learn how to love
Three Days Grace - Bully
He wakes up haunted
With voices in his head
Nobody knows it
but today he won′t go unnoticed
Three Days Grace - Life Starts Now
You say you feel so down
every time I turn around
and you say you should′ve been gone by......
and you, you think that everything′s......
Three Days Grace - Now Or Never
In this time are we loving
Or do we sit here wondering
Why this world isn’t turning round
It’s now or never
Three Days Grace - Home
I’ll be coming home
Just to be alone
Cause I know you’re not there
And I know that you don’t care
Three Days Grace - Scared
At night I hear it creeping
At night I feel it move
I’ll never sleep here anymore

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