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Three 6 Mafia - Fuck That Shit
Nigga buck in the club like, FUCK THAT SHIT!
Got my tone in the club like, FUCK THAT......
Fire a blunt up on the dance floor, FUCK......
Three 6 Mafia - Baby Mama
From Baby Boy Soundtrack

[Chorus: Juicy J + LaChat]
[Juicy J] It′s my baby mama (yeanknow)......
Three 6 Mafia - Side 2 Side
[DJ Paul]
Yeah... This a dance song for all my niggaz......
that don′t dance... Just be in the......
Blunt in the mouth... Cap pulled down just......
Three 6 Mafia - Stay Fly
I gotta stay high I I I I I I I I until I......
I gotta stay high I I I I I I I I until I......
I gotta stay high I I I I I I I I until I......
Three 6 Mafia - Like A Pimp (Remix)
(feat. Project Pat, Pimp C)

[Chorus 1 (2x)]
Gator Boots and the suits is the clothes
Three 6 Mafia - Hard Hittaz
[Intro DJ Paul talking] (With Echos)
Yea! (Yea)
Three Six (Six)
Boogie Mane (Mane)
Three 6 Mafia - Wolf Wolf
All you want, run your mouth in the street
But you AIN′T GONNA FUCK with a......
Three 6 Mafia - Rainbow Colors
(featuring Lil′ Flip)

I got them rainbow colors in my cup
Three 6 Mafia - Stay Fly (Still Fly Remix)
(featuring Project Pat, Slim Thug & Trick......
[Intro: Juicy J and DJ Paul]
We gotta stay fly-i-i-i-i-i-i-i
Till I-Till I die-ie-ie-ie-ie-ie-ie-ie
Three 6 Mafia - Ghetto Chick
[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I love a ghetto ass chick, break down rings......
If I would let her shoot, she′ll count......
It′s going down like I knew it would
Three 6 Mafia - From Da Back
[D.J. Paul]
You dealing with some thugs
who like to hit it from the back (back)
Three 6 Mafia - When I Pull Up At The Club
(featuring Paul Wall)

[Juicy J][sample from "Slob On My Knob"]
Does it real good
Three 6 Mafia - Roll With It
(featuring Project Pat)
[Juicy J]
Let me chirp these fools
Juice got weed Juice got pills
Three 6 Mafia - Put Ya Signs
[Hook: x2]
Put ya sign in his face, gang sign in his......
Put ya sign in his face, gang sign in his......
Make them niggas fight, what make them hoes......
Three 6 Mafia - Beatem To Da Floor
[DJ Paul]
So this is what I′m a do man, you know......
I′m a get each of you niggaz, you know......
From the bay by the b-ball piece, when you......
Three 6 Mafia - Take A Bump
Chours: Lord Infamous

Break bre break bre breakout the dollar and......
Pick out the seeds and spit the blunt
Three 6 Mafia - Body Parts 3
(featuring HCP)
[DJ Paul]
Crunchy Blac, Boogie Mane, Frayser Boy, Lil......
Granddaddy Souf, Juicy J, Project Pat, DJ......
Three 6 Mafia - Try Somethin
f/ Project Pat

[Project Pat - on the phone]
Yeah it′s Project Pat up in this
Three 6 Mafia - Bin Laden
[Juicy J talking]
Mane check this shit out we was up in......
With my nigga big hamp, you know what......
The nigga pass me a blunt
Three 6 Mafia - M.E.M.P.H.I.S.
[DJ Paul] (Crunchy Black)
Finally, I got all real niggaz on on a......
Niggaz that′s down to cut some......
(Mafia, ya, y-ya, y-ya, ya, ya) [*repeats......
Three 6 Mafia - Weak Azz Bitch
Chorus x4
When I say weak ass, you say bitch
Weak ass, BITCH, Weak ass BITCH

Three 6 Mafia - They Bout To Find Yo Body
In earlier news, the police still......
formerly employed by Hypnotize Minds -......
leads or any information about where these......
Please contact 528-CASH
Three 6 Mafia - Pimpin And Robbin
Ain′t No Money Comin Quicker Than That......
Pimpin is Robbin and Droppin these Suckaz......
Ain′t No Money Comin Quicker Than That......
Pimpin is Robbin and Droppin these Suckaz......
Three 6 Mafia - Knock Tha Black Off Yo Ass
(featuring Project Pat)

[Hook 2x]
It ain′t no bitch in my blood nigga......
Three 6 Mafia - Jus Like Us
[DJ Paul talking with gunshots in......
Yeah, run bitch. Run hoe! Ya nice......
Y′all jealous ass bitches!
You know what I′ma call y′all?......
Three 6 Mafia - Half On A Sack
[Juicy J talking]
Hey nigga get yo weed, yo blow
Get yo drank together
Cause we bout to get hiiiiiigh
Three 6 Mafia - You Scared
Three Six Mafia, you scared 2003 six is goin......
You scared hoe
what what what
Three 6 Mafia - Who Run It
DJ Paul:
Who run it (x15)

Chorus: DJ Paul (4x)
Three 6 Mafia - Mafia Niggaz
[Chorus: Lord Infamous (repeat 2X)]

We gotta come like we get doen and dirty for......
We gotta come like we be quick to pull back......
Three 6 Mafia - Act Like You Know Me (Point......
It′s some cowards in this thang
If you see them point them out X8
(Juicy J)

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