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Thirteen Senses - Into The Fire
Come on, come on
Put your hands into the fire
Explain, explain
As I turn and meet the power
Thirteen Senses - Falling To The Ground
If i make a sound
Will you stop everything im innocent
When im not around
Will you cover your eyes and imagine
Thirteen Senses - Thru The Glass
I wanna take a walk, rain cloud, coat on
And the wind is blowing from the south
I wanna climb a rock from bottom to top
And nothing′s getting left behind
Thirteen Senses - The Salt Wound Routine
Red letters on the dashboard, oh what a gift
They pursue us to the deep end and then......
Watch as the cracks in the wall feel pain
For only patterns on a snake′s back......
Thirteen Senses - History
Your shadow
I will show you something different
I will only stop you drifting so far

Thirteen Senses - Ones And Zeros
I know your bodys like a cloud
Floating around the softer side of things......
I know you like to let it out
For me it′s just a kind of pressure......
Thirteen Senses - Last Forever
Sunrise is over
Your walking on by
And i′m nowhere
Two lives driven by quakes
Thirteen Senses - Saving
I see so little time
My eyes are crossed, my hands are tied
All I wanna do is that great thing
I never see a passer-by
Thirteen Senses - Animal
I lost my control today
Something came and ate it away
Tears trickle down your face
As quickly as it comes it escapes
Thirteen Senses - Automatic
Show me a house with a window
One with a garage and five bedrooms
Form me a line so I can judge you
Call me a name if you want to
Thirteen Senses - Undivided
A friend, the only friend who whispers in......
Just to say good luck and that is all you......
I wrap up cold so when I march on my bare......
Everything I lack in style′s made up......
Thirteen Senses - Spark
Another spark has set you off
And I don′t know the way
The person of the satellite that tracks us......
But it takes us longer
Thirteen Senses - Call Someone
Call someone
Tell them how you feel
Call someone and tell them what you think is......
Beat the ground
Thirteen Senses - Under The Sun
You can find it anywhere
Under the sun
You can find it in your heart
If you look hard
Thirteen Senses - A Lot Of Silence Here
It seems predictable but I don′t have......
Of what she wants right now
And talk is measured in the sip of every......
And what I want is time
Thirteen Senses - Angels And Spies
Here in a circle, more than awake
They watch from a distance, I try to escape
The sun comes up slowly, it brings up the......
So where′s the confusion, that makes......
Thirteen Senses - You And I
I wasn′t watching you perfectly still
I′m near perfectly dazed
Out of our hollow and into a space
Fire and water and space
Thirteen Senses - Gone
Sometimes I rush
To get right to the end
I know I’ll get to this place
When I feel the time is right
Thirteen Senses - Follow Me
Follow me
And I will take you in
You get to see what we think
Thirteen Senses - All The Love In Your Hands
All the signs are there
I did not eist
Underneath the stars and comets
Far beneath the sun
Thirteen Senses - Talking To Sirens
The sirens own the call
The call when you are gone
The sirens talk a lot
And I talk back too
Thirteen Senses - Spirals
If I could set you free
And give you what you need
Then all my energy is lost
If I divide our time
Thirteen Senses - Contact
If only there was time to say it all
I′d say it all
If only every sound that I made said it all

Thirteen Senses - Lead Us
Once again stripping
Cause the heat walking on my feet
Makes me tired and my own cause is too great
When I steal it for myself
Thirteen Senses - Do No Wrong
Satellites contain us
Traffic lights control us
Rockets shoot us up into the stars
Rockets shoot us up into the stars

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