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There For Tomorrow - Burn The Night Away
It′s three in the morning and......
′Cause I am finally run in your race
The mountains you′ve been climbing......
Since I decided to pick up the pace
There For Tomorrow - A Little Faster
You keep calling it a crash and burn
just wait your turn
you might have time to speak
there barely was a lesson learned
There For Tomorrow - The Remedy
Split decisions, finding fixes
I test ride my memory
Tunnel vision, I give in and put
An end to make - shifting relief
There For Tomorrow - Pages
The turns you had to take still keep you......
Down come the walls where you once stood
From constant changes you have made
You′ll keep inside ′til you have......
There For Tomorrow - Remember When
Your initial reply hit me undercover
When I lost my head to it
It was out of its time, it was undiscovered
As I caught my breath again
There For Tomorrow - just in time
Something wrong with me
I′m not getting along with me
My eyes pasted on the ceiling
I can′t get my mind to stop working
There For Tomorrow - Sore Winner
I walk, you run. Feel so outdone.
You always wanted it to be one on one.
I cost, you′re free. Make me believe
That you′ve been innocent ′til......
There For Tomorrow - Wish You Away
Where do you go when you listen to nobody......
Where do you go?
You′re so far from the willing
you′re in such a rush not to tell
There For Tomorrow - The World Calling
It′s gonna get harder from here
We′ve gotta get smarter to make it out......
Cause you say stop and we say go
Don′t wanna be your tenth caller on......
There For Tomorrow - No More Room To Breathe
You′ve got to know by now
that stepping in and out won′t bring......
until you make it definite
sacrifice your rest
There For Tomorrow - Addiction and her name
You try to move on but still you′re......
There′s always something in your way

Was it the guilt in you that pushed me to......
There For Tomorrow - Deathbed
But hate to break it to you now,
But that reoccurring sound
In your ear makes it perfect
Was it clear, my whole purpose?
There For Tomorrow - Backbone
Your game

Your lovely game

There For Tomorrow - I Can′t Decide
Cold afternoon
I sleep in some
Back of the room
Avoid the sun

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