The White Stripes - Catch Hell Blues (текст песни)

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Catch Hell Blues

(If you go looking for hot water
Don′t act shocked when you get
Burned a little bit)

If you really want some hot water
I can help you find it

Ah yeah

Well if they catch me around
You′re playing rock the boat
I′m gonna catch hell

And if you′re throwing your voice
In bed singing a note
I′m gonna catch hell
I know it

Yes, alright
Try and catch me

Oh yeah

Tricky, tricky


If you′re giving cheek
Lying to yourself
You′re gonna catch hell

And if you′re testing God
Lying to his face
You′re gonna catch hell

That′s it
They′re gonna catch you
Ha, they′re gonna catch you


Испонитель: The White Stripes
Название песни: Catch Hell Blues

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