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The White Stripes - Rag And Bone
(Jack & Meg)
Rag & Bone!
Rag & Bone!
Rag & Bone!
The White Stripes - Conquest

he was out to make a conquest
didn′t care what harm was done
The White Stripes - A Martyr For My Love For......
She was sixteen and six feet tall
in a crowd of teenagers comin′ out of......
She stumbled started to slip and fall
teeter-tottered on the top of patent leather......
The White Stripes - Little Cream Soda
Well every highway that I go down
Seems to be longer than the last one i knew......
Oh Well

The White Stripes - Effect And Cause
I guess you have to have a probelm
if you want to ′vent a contraption
well you cause a trainwreck
and then you put me in traction
The White Stripes - Catch Hell Blues
(If you go looking for hot water
Don′t act shocked when you get
Burned a little bit)

The White Stripes - Prickly Thorn, But......
Li De Li De Li Oh Oh
Well A Li De Li De Li Oh Oh
Li De Li De Li Oh Oh
The White Stripes - St. Andrew (This Battle......
This battle is in the air
I′m looking upwards
Where are the angels?
I′m not in my home
The White Stripes - Icky Thump
Yah-hee, icky thump
Who′d-a thunk?
Sittin′ drunk
On a wagon to Mexico
The White Stripes - Bone Broke
Look closer and you see
i will be running it
i got a hundred dollar bill
The White Stripes - I′m Slowly Turning......
i′m slowly turning into you
but you don′t know this
super troop
they saying im lying and alone
The White Stripes - 300 MPH Torrential......
I′m bringing back ghosts
that are no longer there
I′m gettin′ hard on myself
sittin′ in my easy chair

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