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The Wannadies - Anything
I′m a bad boy as you know
Everything I say is wrong,
I know, I know

The Wannadies - Hit
Monday′s no fun, Tuesday′s the......
Wedensdays might go out, at least something
Thursday′s the day after Wednesday
Firdays I go out, at least something
The Wannadies - Shorty
Hello again, my sunshine in rain
I hope you′re well, I′ve missed......
say goodnight, my blueberry light
and dream of me, and while you dream I have......
The Wannadies - You And Me Song
Always when we fight
I try to make you laugh
Til everything′s forgotten
I know you hate that
The Wannadies - Friends
We go - to places, where everything feels......
no need to pretend, we know we′re good......
and that′s the way it should be
then it′s over, a beautiful girl......
The Wannadies - Black Waters
This is my life
This is true confession
I dream about a cloudless sky
I dream about black waters
The Wannadies - Big Fan
Come a bit closer, I can′t get enough......
it′s always the same, the same, no......
like so many times before
I can′t help it, oh let me go on
The Wannadies - Because
I′m counting in - the band begins
because, because and all because I say so
it′s fun to be, around to tease, you......
because, because and all because I want to
The Wannadies - Damn It I Said
No news, nothing happens
no wins, seem to come my way
but I′m ok
my new friends don′t belong here
The Wannadies - The Beast Cures The Lover
Here I am with luber on my best friend
my thoughts are spinning in and out of my......
so is this our new world with too many......
well that′s what I heard
The Wannadies - No Holiday
Say what′s the matter, the matter with......
lost all direction, don′t know what to......
you′re in denial, well life is a......
say what′s the matter, the matter with......
The Wannadies - Love Song
It′s the way you move like nothing at......
It′s the way you hum when dinner is......
Everything you do when no one′s around
Please be mine
The Wannadies - Cant See Me Now
How many days gone by, I don′t know......
I feel shy, going for a walk, sky blue sky
and (?), let them go
can′t see me now, I see the world and......
The Wannadies - Ball
Grow up, grow old and die, it′s all a......
abused or be abused, a nice degrading......
lord no, we′re having a ball, yeah
we′re having a ball, yeah
The Wannadies - Soon Youre Dead
I won′t pretend to care anymore
About your faggy, wiglike hair like before

You pick your nose, wear smelly clothes
The Wannadies - God Knows
A flower girl was what i found
my obvious interest made her frown
An hour later she was mine
my sunshine
The Wannadies - Bumble-Bee Boy
I want to fly like a bum... bum.........
defy everything
with nimble wings
being without being seen - bumble-bee boy

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