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The Verve - Hero (текст песни)

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I can′t believe that it was good for anyone, to me worth the wait 
I doubt that anybody got their money′s worth 
But the attention sure felt great 
With all eyes upon me, some filled with tears, some couldn′t see 

It burned like a cancer when the answer did occur to me 
Creep from the cradle, but a hero′s what I wanna be 
Keep it moving people cause there′s nothing more for you to see 
I′m just a jerk, but a hero′s what I wanna be yeah, oh yeah 

Love me, love me sweet cowardice 
Now that the thrill is mine for the moment 
We really didn′t need another suicide 
Or a song explaining why, but it′s not dignified 
But I can′t seem to kiss it goodbye 

It burned like a cancer... 
Keep it moving people... 
It burned ... 
Keep it..... 
Erase this disaster even faster than you came to see 
A creep from the cradle and a hero driven wanna be 
For your abuse, but not intended for internal use 
I′m just a jerk , but a hero′s what I wanna be

@ The Verve

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Испонитель: The Verve
Название песни: Hero
Количество просмотров: 100
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