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The Verve - Generation (текст песни)

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I awoke to a threat that was empty, and a grandstand of I′m not through with you yet 
A slamming door becomes my punctuation 
I escape for a thrill ride with my friends, they agree to be temporary guardians 

Man, it′s so appreciated, summer day intoxicated 
With those who can relate, 2 months, a day, a wakeup 

Drink it down, dear brother, their generation smothers you 
And we′ll leave no trail to discover 
Build a callus sister, they′re generation blisters 
Another wakeup with the morning hung over, we gonna pack up or waste another killer day 
Then our heads exploded, overload when we decide 

Hello... we′re so out of here, hitchhike to Canada with backpacks full of cigarettes and

Man, it′s so appreciated, summer day intoxicated 
With those who can relate, 2 months, a day, a wakeup 

Drink it down, dear brother.. 
Listen up dear father, your generation bothers me and I′ll leave you to grieve 
With my mother 
Build a callus sister, they′re generation blisters 

Now empty your bottles and open the throttles, there′s plenty of fighting ahead 
Those fists weren′t made for resting your head 

Shield your eyes, dear mother, from the pain that hovers 
Round the mess of a man you′ve uncovered 
Drink it down, dear brother... 
We′ll blister 

@ The Verve

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Испонитель: The Verve
Название песни: Generation
Количество просмотров: 78
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