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The Verve - Happiness is
The world is giving you the run-around
And leaves you feeling low and let down but
Happiness is 
Wherever you find it
The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony
Cos′ it′s a bittersweet symphony......
Trying to make ends meet , you′re a......
you die.
I′ll take you down the only road......
The Verve - One day
One day maybe we will dance again
Under fiery skies
One day maybe you will love again
Love that never dies
The Verve - I want all of you
I want all of you
I want all of you
From your feet up to your mouth
Every inch of north and south
The Verve - Colorful
The show is over close the story book
There will be no encore
And all the random hands that I have shook
Well they′re reaching for the door
The Verve - Knock on my door
She knew my feelings were jangled and frayed
She took me into a wind blown alley way
She showed me a world a boy should see
I′ll thank her ′till the day......
The Verve - History
I wander lonely streets
Behind where the old Thames does flow
And in every face I meet
Reminds me of what I have run from
The Verve - Butterfly
You could flap your wings a thousand miles......
A laughing salesman sings
His world so far away
The Verve - Miles Away
Today was a great day
I said but I meant
Today was the worst day I′ve ever......
I′m trying to be what you want me to......
The Verve - This Time
Lookin′ back on my life
You know that all I see
Are things I could of changed
I should have done
The Verve - Blue (usa mix)
There you were on the floor
Cut up and all alone
I′ll help you
Conceived in a chrome dream I was a crease......
The Verve - One way to go
You′ve got to lift yourself up so high
You can′t see the ground
You don′t hear a sound
You′ve got to move it up so slow
The Verve - Hero
I can′t believe that it was good for......
I doubt that anybody got their money′s......
But the attention sure felt great 
With all eyes upon me, some filled with......
The Verve - On your own
Tell me what you seen
Was it a dream?
Was I in it?
Life seems so obscene
The Verve - Gotta move on
Love is not strong
Love is not stable
I tried to hold it
But I wasn′t able
The Verve - A man called sun
Everybody seems to know when he′s......
He lifts me up and fades without a sound
Mr. Sun won′t you shine?
Mr. Sun won′t you shine?
The Verve - Make it till monday
Hey my friend are we gonna make it till......
Another Friday night waiting for a......
I can see a million faces in the......

The Verve - Kiss Me Idle
roses dead in dirty water held up by the......
once a gift good-bye but now remind me to......
hardened petals bang the dresser when they......
kiss me idle
The Verve - In Between
In March I met my wonderlove 
Then lost her underneath the April......
By May we worked out our difference 
By June the petals were all plucked from......
The Verve - Local Boys
Tonight I took a snapshot, guess I got a......
That′ll never change
I got brand new strings, someone waiting in......
And that′ll never change
The Verve - Beautiful Mind
A beautiful mind or a beautiful body
I know which one I′m gonna end upon
You say you will but you never promised......

The Verve - Medicate Myself
I hear you cryin′ for me
But I see the anger in your eyes
I want what will not judge me
I need what keeps me warm inside
The Verve - Stormy Clouds
I wanted to tell you my story
How my life seemed to change in a matter of......
The heavens break I am walking tall
How come change always seems to bring the......
The Verve - Come On
I must be feeling low
I talked to god in a phonebox on my way home
I told you my answer
I left you my dreams on your answering......
The Verve - Never let you down
I′m trying to keep my feet on the......
I′m getting to like this feeling......
I′m getting to love the thought......
Having you around and
The Verve - Generation
I awoke to a threat that was empty, and a......
A slamming door becomes my punctuation 
I escape for a thrill ride with my friends,......

The Verve - Neon Wilderness
In a neon wilderness
He was restless
Escape loneliness
Find a new address
The Verve - A new deccade
The radio plays the sounds we made
And everything seems to feel just right
Coming through your lonely mind
Well I′ve seen things
The Verve - The F Word
I′ve got to get arrested to keep you......
I should have known that I can′t......
My arms have little feeling from lifting to......
A recipe for stealing hearts I have no power......
The Verve - Headines
I met a girl with bottles of wine 
Though I prefer red, they tasted all......
Very soon, the room was spinning 
Tug of war, the floor was winning 

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