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The Veronicas - 4ever
Here we are so what you gonna do?
Do I gotta spell it out for you?
I can see that you got other plans for......
But I don′t really care
The Veronicas - Speechless
Feels like I have always known you
And I swear I dreamt about you
All those endless nights I was alone
It′s like I′ve spent forever......
The Veronicas - Revolution
I am temperamental
Like a heart without a home
I am sentimental
But you don′t know me at all
The Veronicas - I Could Get Used To This
You make me breakfast in bed
When I′m mixed up in my head
You wake me with a kiss
I could get used to this
The Veronicas - Untouched
I go ooh ooh, you go ah ah

The Veronicas - Leave Me Alone
I′m getting tired of you pushing me......
Dragging me down
Making a sound because you wanna
I guess that′s why I like messing with......
The Veronicas - Heavily Broken
Everyday I sit here waiting
Everyday just seems so long
And now I′ve had enough of all the......
Do we even care, it′s so unfair
The Veronicas - Secret
You′re a little obsessed with me
And I′m a little bit scared of you
The way you look and stare at me
Maybe it′s time I let you know
The Veronicas - When It All Falls Apart
I′m having the day from hell,
It wasn′t all going so well (before......
And you told me you needed space,
With a kiss on the side my face (not again)
The Veronicas - Hook Me Up
I′m tired of my life.
I feel so in between.
I′m sick of all my friends, girls can......
I feel like throwin’ out everything I wear
The Veronicas - Nobody Wins
Hold your head up high
You′re never wrong
Somewhere in the right you belong
You would rather fight the walk away
The Veronicas - Mouth Shut
I kept my mouth shut from the start
I guess I left you in the dark
You thought you knew me but you don′t
You say you′ll love me but you wont
The Veronicas - Everything I′m Not
Oh no
Don′t go changing
That′s what you told me from the start
Thought you were something different

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