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The Used - Listening
Your skin attached this fragile cliche
Of my broken heart attack
You should swallow your teeth and hang out
Stay for a while
The Used - Hard to Say
The singer finished singing and she′s......
The singer sheds a tear, fear of falling out
And it′s hard to say how I feel today
For years gone by and I cried
The Used - Men Are All The Same
Always safe to know what is good for taking......
Like I said before, when I bite your tongue......
Just what am I supposed to say?
And tell you why I turned out this way?
The Used - Come Undone
Opened up my failure, and you refused to go......
I felt you get excited when I whispered all......
You′re the one who kills
You could kill me with the drug, your weapon
The Used - In A Needle
You′ve given me, no where to go.
Yeah, you finally have control.
And if there′s a cure,
I don′t wanna know.
The Used - Blood On My Hands
You felt the coldness in my eyes
And something I′m not revealing
Though you got used to my disguise
You cant shake this awful feeling
The Used - The Bird And the Worm
He wears his heart
Safety-pinned to his backpack
His backpack is all that he knows
Shot down by strangers
The Used - Something Safe
Been hanging desperate and hoping for a......
Black metal heavy till it goes against my......
Why do I disgrace those things that spreads......
All this for you.
The Used - Sold My Soul
I think of the one that I become
Left plant from the brightness of your halo
No one shines like you do
My filthy mouth and broken words
The Used - The Best Of Me
I could forget your name, I could forget......
I could forget about the smile you always......
The one you thought I thought would never
I could forget your lies, I could forget to......
The Used - Burning Down The House
Watch out, you might get what you′re......
Cool babies, strange but not a stranger
I′m an ordinary guy
Burning down the house
The Used - Earthquake
She had an earthquake on her mind
I almost heard her cry out as I left her far......
And knew the world was crashing down around......
I sink now to the ocean floor
The Used - On The Cross
We were taught to kneel and bow our heads.
I tried simply standing up instead.
Heard rumors of transparent legs
And walks for days and days.
The Used - Empty With You
I haven′t lost anything except my mind
Expect a thousand confessions that you will......
I can try to take off my head sometimes
because I can′t escape the memories
The Used - Meant To Die
Past midnight, breathing in the dark.
Same strange friend comes to visit
Never intend to open the door.
You take it to places that no one′s......
The Used - Kissing You Goodbye
Cut yourself in conversation
Cut the line to make me feel alive
′Cuz you know I′m not alive
And leave me with your complications
The Used - Maybe Memories
As we trudged along through the mud
And we tried to call it home
But we weren′t alright, not at all
Not for one, for one, for one second
The Used - A Box Full of Sharp Objects
It′s our time to shine through the......
Glorified by what is ours
We′ve fallen in love
We′ve fallen in love
The Used - Watered Down
In my eyes, close and jaded,
It′s no surprise the lights are fading
I′ll always walk away
You′ll always hear me say I......
The Used - Born To Quit
Exercise the demon that is living up inside......
After all you think you′ve been......
Try to get beside yourself this tearing at......
If you end up on the wrong side, always......
The Used - Light with a Sharpened Edge
Free from the torment of sin
All this I′m giving up
Much as the sun would decide to give in
Explode into orange
The Used - Blue And Yellow
And it′s all in how you mix the two
And it starts just where the light exists
It′s a feeling that you cannot miss
And it burns a hole through everyone that......
The Used - On My Own
See all those people on the ground
Wasting time
I try to hold it all inside
But just for tonight
The Used - I′m A Fake
Small, simple, safe price.
Rise the wake and carry me with all of my......
This is not a small cut that scabs, and......
And I am not afraid to die;
The Used - On The Cross (Save Yourself Mix)
I needed to pray.
Got down on my knees,
I asked for a break from sympathy.
It started off soft, then it grew to a......
The Used - Mosh N′ Church (Demo)
First start out with the wrong place at the......
And that′s where you′ll find me.
Next add in all the fucked up shit......
But somehow kept inside me.

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