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The Sisters of Mercy - 1959 (текст песни)

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Living as an angel in the
Place that I was born
Living on air
Living in heaven
Giving the lie down, the line
To the
There′s my heaven

And I know
Which way the wind blows
In nineteen fifty-nine

Which way the wind blows
In nineteen fifty-nine

And the wind blows still
And the wind blows wild again
For a little child an never kill this clean
This way
And it feels like me today
Tell me
Do you feel the same?
Or do you feel like nineteen fifty-nine?
...do you feel like nineteen fifty-nine?

And the wind blows wild again
And the wind blows wild

In nineteen fifty-nine
In fifty-nine
Do you, do you fell the same?

Come with me
Like a little child
Like another gun
Like homeless, restless, known to none, like
Way beyond the line
Like it never was
In nineteen fifty-nine

@ The Sisters of Mercy

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Испонитель: The Sisters of Mercy
Название песни: 1959
Количество просмотров: 122
Количество сообщений: 0

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