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The Rembrandts - End Of The Beginning (текст песни)

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End Of The Beginning

You were in the corner of my eye, and facing out into the wind
I heard the sound of your voice singing
If I, remembered where my head has been, I′d let you on the secret in
But it′s the end of the beginning
Everyday together runs
It′s all we need to hang our hearts, upon the silver moon
If there′s a meaning to it all, it doesn′t matter anymore
′Cause it′s the end of the beginning
The end of the beginning

Oh, and in the calm before the storm, the sun is shining dark and warm
Behind your eyes my world is spinning
And every kiss melts into one
Once frozen love becomes a pool, how sweet the water runs
Like in the colors of a dream, we come together in between
′Cause it′s the end of the beginning
It′s the end of the beginning yeah

And everyday melts into one
It′s all we need to hang our hearts, upon a silver moon
I could′ve lied to draw you in, but I′d be living down a sin
For the end of the beginning
′Cause it′s the end of the beginning
End of the beginning

@ The Rembrandts

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Испонитель: The Rembrandts
Название песни: End Of The Beginning
Количество просмотров: 126
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