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The Queers - Cut It Dude (текст песни)

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Cut It Dude

All the guys that look oh so stupid
And I wanna know why
All the girls they get so impressed
It maked me wanna die
All that long hair makes me whine
it′s ′95 not ′69
I don′t think it′s very nice
Guys looking like Jesus Christ
Big fat ugly jocks with hairdos
Look like fucking clowns
And everyone knows they′re just
The biggest jerks around
I′m askingyou on bending knees
Change your hairdo, won′t you please
Lose that ponytail, you′ll see
That you′d be so cool like me
Won′t you won′t you cut it, dude
Won′t you won′t you cut it, dude
Won′t you won′t you cut it, dude
That you′d be so cool like me

@ The Queers

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Испонитель: The Queers
Название песни: Cut It Dude
Количество просмотров: 89
Количество сообщений: 0

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