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The Queers - Brush Your Teeth
A buncha shit, a buncha puke, that′s......
I′m in a little trouble, beating up my......
I′m gonna live a million years and......

The Queers - BooBarella
BooBarella, it′s funny that′s......
Since I′ve seen her, I′ve never......
I saved up from mowing all those lawns
To buy Tina Turner records that she wants
The Queers - Gay Boy
I once knew a guy, and his name was Jim
He used to like me, but I didn′t like......
He told me that he′d really like to go......
He told me that he′d like to give me......
The Queers - Fagtown
Fagtown, Beantown, all the queers hang......
This motel is certainly peach.
Fagtown ? on the beach.
The Queers - Fuck You
I don′t wanna hang around with you.
I think you suck and smell bad, too.
Now, I′m sittin′ here with......
You didn′t wanna fuck me so
The Queers - Ben Weasel
He rants and raves, he screams and shouts
He always flips his lid
But deep down inside he loves you kids
I know that you think he′s just a goon
The Queers - Fuck This World
I called in sick to work today and stayed in......
And now I just don′t care what′s......
Things aren′t getting better
My future′s not too bright
The Queers - Debra Jean
One thing I know it′s true - I need a......
So I can stop hanging around
So I can stop making that downtown trip, you......
I′m starting to get old
The Queers - Born To Do Dishes
Dishpan hands and pots and pans and ashtrays......
Pearldiving′s the life for me,......
The heat, the slime, I′ve never been......
I′m soaking wet, I′ll never save......
The Queers - Babyface (Boo-Hoo-Hoo)
Everytime you′re drunk
you always act like you′re so tough
You′re really a pussy and I′m......
The Queers - Generation Of Swine
Punks today just make me sick.
Selling out just ain′t what makes me......

Jack ass punks are a bore.
The Queers - Daydreaming
Yeah, I was thinking that my life was all......
But now I ain′t since I got you
Oh honey, don′t, fdon′t you be......
Stick with me, I′ll stick with you
The Queers - Blabbermouth
I really think you suck.
I think you really fucking smell.
I hate the gosh darn sight of you.
You talk all day.
The Queers - Goodbye California
I′m gonna shake, I′m gonna......
I′m gonna shake, I′m gonna......
I′m gonna ride my skateboard all the......
I really dig your beaches and the girls......
The Queers - Definitely
Funny thoughts and funny words I′ve......
Are rattling around inside my head
This world ain′t exactly how it seems
These days things are weird and......
The Queers - Drop the Attitude Fucker
We see you with your ponytqail and flannel......
Sideburns, goatees and pimples on your face
According to Spin magazine, you′re so......
Do us all a favor, lose the hoop from the......
The Queers - Bonehead
I′m really not a jerk.
I know how to dance.
I′m never gonna work.
I wear designer pants.
The Queers - Burger King Queen
Well I was making the scene at the local......
And you know the girls were looking real......
Needed a girl and how, and said oh wow
There′s just the chick for me
The Queers - At The Mall
Let′s go!

There are lots of pretty girls.
It′s such a different world.
The Queers - Cut It Dude
All the guys that look oh so stupid
And I wanna know why
All the girls they get so impressed
It maked me wanna die
The Queers - From Your Boy
I′m hanging ′round hoping hard
That you wanna be with me always and always
It′s my way of saying won′t you......
For the rest of your life
The Queers - Danny Vapid
Leader of the Methadones and the Mopes, too.
Wears a Green Day hat; he don′t watch......
He′s rough; he′s tough;......
He ain′t no fucking clown.
The Queers - Another Girl
Well she says she′ll always be true......
You should′ve seen who she just blew
And then she tries to tell you she loves you......

The Queers - Feeling Groovy
I′m feeling so sick, someone get me a......
My life is a shambles, you know I′m a......
My head it really pounds and pounds
Records just go round and round
The Queers - Get A Life And Live It, Loser
When trouble come, you stick your head in......
You fuckin′ jerk, you got your drink......
And I′m fuckin′ sick of......
About everyone that′s wasting your......
The Queers - Grounded
Caught smoking a cigarette and sucking down......
They gave me no supper, they locked me in my......
My mother caught me in her purse - Hey......
But I needed money for more beer and butts
The Queers - Don′t Back Down
Don′t Back Down
The girls dig the way the guys get all wiped......
With their feet in the air you can hear em......
They′re not afraid, not my boys
The Queers - Granola Head
I called in sick to work today and stayed in......
And now I just don′t care what′s......
Things aren′t getting better
My future′s not too bright
The Queers - All Screwed Up
I don′t know if you like me but......
I′m totally retarded for you
May look like it, but I′m not sniffing......
Or having my mom tell me what to do
The Queers - 10 Half Shit-Faced
I think paying fuckin′ rent sucks
I′m sorry I swore Mom - aw shucks
I spilled a beer in the living room
I know I shouldn′t be drunk at noon

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