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The Like - Under The Paving Stones
Somewhere was a different kind of time
The children were too bored to lose their......
The change in loss and star crossed love and......
But in today can′t find that kind of......
The Like - Too Late
We′ve been going back and forth
I′m waiting for the day you call me
I think I can do it on my own

The Like - Falling Away
I′m waiting
Wait to bolt away my breath
I′m gone I′m gone
I′m staying
The Like - You Bring Me Down
Has the raining stopped yet?
I don′t notice anymore
pick up your face
sit down in the rain
The Like - 27 Days
27 days without you
27 days and counting
waves of disapointment are mounting
quiet moments feel like im shouting
The Like - The One
i′m not shouting, i′m just......
you′re not listening, you′re......
take one into grab another
in one ear and out the other
The Like - What I Say And What I Mean
Walking from the past
But I don′t think I′ve said my......
Sometimes I just find
That they keep sneaking up from behind
The Like - Mrs. Actually
Look, look at them go
Thinking they know
Are they sure?
Cruel, cruel are their ways
The Like - Once Things Look Up
I put a wager on uncertainty
it′s funny when you wager how you feel
I hit the breaking point
then broke on through
The Like - June Gloom
Sunsets lost in
skies of hazy greys
june gloom sets in
puts me in a daze
The Like - We Are Lost
We are lost on a L.A. county night
We are lost in the shadows of our times
We′ll just drive till we make it back......
We′ll just drive through the highways......
The Like - End Of An Era
you, you call my name
i felt the same
walking through the everglades
and i, i hear your voice
The Like - Waves That Never Break
Waiting alone in the darkness
racing for something
hoping it stays
watching the waves
The Like - Bridge To Nowhere
Wake up, it′s over
again, the day′s getting colder
Headaches, my mind breaks
Kicked the covers on the floor
The Like - One Step Ahead (Split Enz Cover)
One step ahead of you
stay in motion, keep an open mind
Love is a race won by two
Your emotion, my solitude
The Like - (So I′ll Sit Here) Waiting
so i′ll sit here waiting
while the world will pass me
you can′t help me
you walk by me

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