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The Kooks - She Moves in Her Own Way
So at my show on Monday
I was told that someday
You′d be on your way to better things
It′s not about your make-up
The Kooks - All That She Wants
She leads a lonely life
She leads a lonely life

When she woke up late in the morning
The Kooks - Be Mine
Be Mine ringtone on your mobile phone
I never thought we′d come this far
But then how we come that far
And I won′t let them in
The Kooks - Do You Wanna
An i was hopin
That you had an atlas in your head
So fed up of
The same old man
The Kooks - No Longer
I′m must say that I worry for
You can′t live like this no more
I′m must say that I worry for you

The Kooks - Gap
So put a spanner in the works
"You′re mine,"
It′s easier to work,
But I don′t mind,
The Kooks - Mr. Maker
Mr. Maker he′s got it made
A beautiful wife and a baby on the way
And his bills are already paid
No need to skimp, no need to save
The Kooks - I Want You Back
Take me back to the place where I
Loved that girl for all time
Why must life just take away
Every good thing one at a time
The Kooks - See the World
Do you want to see the world?
Do you want to see the world?
Do you want to see the world?
In a different way, yeah
The Kooks - Do You Love Me Still
I have thought that you have come back......
to take my soul away from me
cause when i see you
you rip my heart out
The Kooks - Time Awaits
Time waits for no man but you
Time waits for no man but you
Hold on don′t leave this town
Hold on don′t leave this town
The Kooks - If Only
So hold your head and run my time

Yeah, yeah...
The Kooks - Naive
I′m not saying it was your fault
Although you could have done more

Oh you′re so naive yet so
The Kooks - Love It All
Seeing I got this woman here
She loves me all the time
No need for excuses
A lone precious in my mind
The Kooks - Seaside
Do you want to go to the seaside?
I′m not trying to say that everybody......
I fell in love at the seaside
I handled my charm with time and slight of......
The Kooks - Kids
You were a child
Crawling on your knees towards it
Makin′ mama so proud
But your voice is too loud
The Kooks - Sofa Song
The city freeze for
I just realised I don′t like you
Me and my girl
Are going out for some air
The Kooks - Princess of my mind
You set yourself up again
run back to New York City sell yourself your......
yeah with eyes that could cut down the laws
but the camera will one day shoot you down
The Kooks - One last time
Can I hold you one last time
To fight the feeling that is growing in my......
I know I did us both all so wrong
I know I′m not always all that strong
The Kooks - Matchbox
Viciously, she sleeps
Walks alone her lonely beat
She trips, falls into it all
And I wish I bite my lip and
The Kooks - Ooh La
In their eyes is the place that you finally......
That you love it here, you′ve got to......
On the bottom of the rock, an island
On which you find you love it when you......
The Kooks - Got No Love
You ain′t got no love today
You ain′t got no love today
The Kooks - Always Where I Need To Be
Say whatever you want
Oh, I could never judge you
Be whoever comes into your head
Oh, you know I′ll take you there
The Kooks - Jackie Big-Tits
I′d like to say, that I was on your......
So I phone you at ten past three, in the......
It′s evening for you, and another bare......
So hard to believe, that you′re......
The Kooks - Eddie′s Gun
Did you see the way she looked at me?
Honey bee got two lies and she′s got......

I tried to love her back
The Kooks - You Don′t Love Me
You don′t love me the way that I love......
Cause if you did girl you would not do those......
You kill my heart just to see if I will rise
Above your anger and a-above your lies

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