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The Knife - We Share Our Mother′s......
We came down from the north
Blue hands and a torch
Red wine and food for free
A possibility
The Knife - She′s Having A Baby
So you′re having a baby
in November
is it enough with my blessing
or my kissing
The Knife - New Year′s Eve
All new evening
You woke up yesterday
Now I love you

The Knife - Hangin′ Out
I keep my dick hangin′ out of my pants
so I can point out what I want
I whas chosen by standard procedures
and I′ll assure you I don′t mind
The Knife - Cop
I am a cop
Shut up
I piss in your mouth

The Knife - Girls′ Night Out
We were looking for a room
we were looking for a hotel
we were in between
we were a few chosen

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