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The Knife - Kino (текст песни)

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I heard a puff
I heard a blow
I felt the ground
I felt the snow
I thought of linen and of lace
I never really saw his face

I heard a grunt
I heard a moan
I felt the sun
I saw the moon
I saw the northern light above
and the eclipse of the sun

I am a breath
I am a wish
I am a rocket
and a fish
I felt his measures and his weight
my own body as a scale

LyricsI heard a wisper in my ear
âЂќyou are not here, you are not hereâЂќ
I saw the northern light above
and the eclipse of the sun

my feet was hurt and heals were sore
and I wondered why it burned
and I wondered why it burned

Then I had to climbe down
I went down to see the sun rise
and then I had to climbe back up again
I had to be there to see the sun rise
All the air that you sent to guide me
had a tone of the elephant grey
we were all there in the morning
we were there and we wanted to stay

So quite alot of what people had hear was right, some was wrong.

@ The Knife

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Испонитель: The Knife
Название песни: Kino
Количество просмотров: 126
Количество сообщений: 0

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