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The Kills - Pull A U
Pull a u in a sexy car
Got your black magic
And your two dollar
Pull a u in ya dust dusty car
The Kills - Hitched
Don′t you leave me here
Don′t you leave me here
Get my name stitched on your lips so you......

The Kills - U.R.A. Fever
walk you to the counter
[whatchya got to offer?]
pick you out a soda
[look at you forever]
The Kills - Hand
I called her yesterday and she told me ummm......
Well, she was just talking me about the......
And I′d thought you′d be......
It′s pretty interesting, but well uhh......
The Kills - Sour Cherry
(Don′t?) Shout when you wanna get off......
Shout when you wanna get off the ride
Shout when you wanna get off the ride......
Made my blood thump Saturday night
The Kills - Rodeo Town
If I′m so evil
Then why are you satisfied
If I′m so evil
Why are you satisfied?
The Kills - Black Rooster
You want to cuss and fight
In the basement
The kid want to cuss and fight
In the basement
The Kills - Cheap And Cheerful
I′m bored of cheap and cheerful
I want expend some sadness
Hospital bills, parole
Open doors to madness
The Kills - Alphabet Pony
Easy alphabet pony
Easy alphabet pony

Funny monkey tore money loose
The Kills - Monkey 23
There′s a monkey on my back
Makes me talk like that
There′s a monkey on my back
Makes me talk like that
The Kills - Tape Song
You′ve got to
You′ve got to
You′ve got to
You′ve got to
The Kills - Kissy Kissy
It′s been a long time coming
It′s been a long time coming
I′m gonna stab your kissy, kissy mouth
It′s been a long time coming
The Kills - Dead Road 7
This dead road leads down
To that dead road and back
To the road where the oldest road
Met the first dead road that cracked
The Kills - Fuck The People
You want a warning
You got a warning
You want a warning
You got a warning
The Kills - Last Day Of Magic
We′re two parties
Two parties ending

What if you move
The Kills - Murdermile
This ain′t murdermile
That′s just the way I smile
You′re like hot oil
Got your roots down in a fire
The Kills - Black Balloon
Elevator straight into my skull
The escalator rises as it falls
I swear our chant is crashin′ in my......
You can hold on but I wouldn′t waste......
The Kills - What New York Used To Be
Come on, come on drama
Come on draw, scratch and say it
Say it, make it to the blind light
Climb and drop an apple
The Kills - I Hate The Way You Love
I, I, I can′t get full
Please could you take my shakes
And would you hold them still
My words fell into the road
The Kills - Gypsy Death And You
You knock on the door
She don′t recognize your voice no
So she got on an airplaine
The Kills - Sweet Cloud
She upset the weather
She upset my sweet cloud
Growing black
Thick and heavy
The Kills - At The Back Of The Shell
Kiss all your fingers
What′s that for
You′ll never get to heaven
With your shirt all tore
The Kills - Fried My Little Brains
Got six troubles
On my back
Like six little milk teeth
All gone bad
The Kills - Getting Down
What′s going on fire,
I want you to know
My spirit′s alive,
I want you to know
The Kills - M.E.X.I.C.O.C.U.
Running into trouble
Running into trouble,
You′ve got heavenly eyes
Thousand highs
The Kills - Hook And Line
With your hook and line,
us to blow away
With your hook and line,
us to blow away
The Kills - Goodnight Bad Morning
speed′s working, i see it in everyone
like a lost idea under lightbulb sun
your eyes, ready for takeoff, melt in your......
what a beautiful state we′re in
The Kills - Cat Claw
It′s time to stand up our fingers from......
Tell me sugar how you felt now
Come on sugar, tell now
Can′t stand your face until it took......
The Kills - Love Is A Deserter
One eye in the sun, one in the night
Sleep tight, sleepwalk like honey, honey
Oh my, capital I LOVE U
Put it in a letter honey
The Kills - Wait
Tell me what you done to yourself
I would like to know
Write it on the rocks and then
Tell me where to go

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Gypsy Death And You — [The Kills] (28.10.2012)

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