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The Johnstones - No Time For The Moment
I got no time for the moment
I got no time for the moment
I got no time to sit and watch here
as the time goes right by
The Johnstones - Last Chance
And I don’t love her
Not gonna call her
Said now holler
Cause she’s hotter than the rest
The Johnstones - I Know What My Name Is
Everyone knows I′m gonna rock a jam
And I′m about to say hey
Everytime I lose my mind
Whatcha gonna do and
The Johnstones - Take Me To The Party
Take me to the party that′s where I......
Take me to the place I see that′s......
Oh shit its nine o′clock
Fell asleep and just woke up
The Johnstones - Sunny Days
Sunny days, sunny days
Really really don′t start ′till......
Sunny days won′t run away
Really really don′t start ′till......
The Johnstones - Action
Action back where you came your......
everything and everything′s ok
I need some action back where you came,
The Johnstones - Gone For A Long Time
And I′ve been gone for a long time
And I′ve been gone for a long time
And I′ve been gone for a long time
And I′ve been gone for a long time
The Johnstones - Hackey Sack
I could play hack everyday
I could play hack every night
I could play hack all the time it just feels......
I could play in the dark but prefer in the......
The Johnstones - Bank Song
If you gotsta know
what happen 22nd August 07
said I know
And times weren′t tough,
The Johnstones - G7C7
I really don′t know what to say [x3]

Ha ha ha
Johnstones two thousand eighty five
The Johnstones - Lump
Lump sat alone in a boogie marsh
totally motionless except for her heart
mud flowed up into Lumps pyjamas
she totally confused all the passing......
The Johnstones - L.A.D.I.E.S.
Hey, whaddya sayin′?
Just chillin′
This is for all the ladies
This is for all the ladies
The Johnstones - Livin′ In The Gutter
Don′t get mad, ′cause I′m......
I′ll make you st-st-st-stutter
I said don′t get up, get down,
I said don′t get mad, ′cause......
The Johnstones - She Said It Was Coo...
She called me up yesterday
The only last song I never sang
And she said she′ll take time I know......
She′ll come back to me, come back to......
The Johnstones - I Got A Problem
And just because I said I′m sorry ya......
Still think you′re lame and gonna do......
Don′t mean that I′m gonna shake......
That bouncing shirt′s your one and......
The Johnstones - What′s Your Story
She needs a straight jacket, pills, and a......
But the more she′s insane it′s......
What′s your story now?
I get the feeling she would sleep with my......
The Johnstones - Can′t Be Trusted
I fucked two girls last night in the back of......
I got an Avalon you fuckin′ retard
And he was wasted to his face and forgot......
If you see her in a porn then it might be......
The Johnstones - Bang Bang
Can′t take it away,
can′t take it away,
I don′t know why I cant control
but it seems that shes gettin′......
The Johnstones - G.I.R.L.S.
And if you want to stop me from taking girls......
I think you learned the hard way that......
and telling her what she should do is......
And I just made eye contact for a second......
The Johnstones - Can′t Tell
I can′t tell you what to do now
I can′t tell you what to say
You don′t know where to go, but you......
And you just don′t care
The Johnstones - Dun′ Wan Lo
And I don′t wanna go
I′m back to the place that I said that......
It gets bigger
Pullin′ on the trigger;
The Johnstones - Gettin′ Paid
We′re gettin′ paid!
Eatin′ loin sandwiches to our eyelids
We′re gettin′ paid!
Checks in the mail and the money′s......
The Johnstones - What Are You Lookin′......
Hey What are you lookin′ at
You got people on your left and your right
We′ll see what′s going on
Said hey what are you lookin′ at

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