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The Game - Breathe and Stop
Help, Help, Help, Help (Yeah)
Help (It′s the Profit, It′s the......
Help (East coast, West coast)
Help (Cook, cook, cook - Crack)
The Game - Cali Sunshine
California sunshine, in the summer time [4x]

Last year, Jazze Phe got stuck up inside the......
The Game - LAX Files
(Game Talking)
Put you′re lighters up if you want to
Pull you′re muthafuckin′ Dodger......
Til′ you can′t see shit
The Game - Put You On The Game
[Verse 1]
First things first (aftermath), the chronic......
This is indo produced by timbo
Game ova, naw the nwa chain choka
The Game - Better On The Other Side (Tribute......
(feat. Chris Brown, Diddy, Polow Da Don,......

[Diddy talking]
I remember the first time i seen you......
The Game - Ain′t Fuckin With You
That T.M. shit, that T.M. shit
Trackmasters, that T.M. shit, that shit
That T.M. shit – Game!
The Game - Never Can Say Goodbye Never Can......
[Verse 1:]
Picture me rollin in that bmdub
Headed to the club
Fresh out the tyson fight
The Game - Martians Vs. Goblins (feat. Tyler......
[Verse 1: Game]
Blood gang kill ′em all, Odd Future......
Kidnap a vampire, drain all his fuckin veins
Wolf Grey Jordans, use his intestines for......
The Game - Doctor′s advocate (feat.......
[The Game]
Yo Bus, I think I got the answer to all my......
[Busta Rhymes]
The fuck you talkin′ bout, nigga,......

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