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The Fall Of Troy - Rockstar Nailbomb! (текст песни)

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Rockstar Nailbomb!

Said so!
The sweetest voice sings the Siren′s song!

I′m setting myself up, these cuts won′t heal...
(Breaking the seal)
A benefit, a counterfeit,
in these moments I try to understand what′s real...
Maybe I′ll just take my time getting through these lies.
When attitude has altitude,
I won′t run to you, your love′s so outta tune.

October cold can′t bring us close it seems,
(You already know!)
It′s you I know, it′s you I chose, but I don′t know,
(What you want from me)
So saddle up, I won′t be your crutch, you ask too much.
But you don′t know what is coming.
You have no idea what we have in store for you!

@ The Fall Of Troy

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Испонитель: The Fall Of Troy
Название песни: Rockstar Nailbomb!
Количество просмотров: 79
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