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The Cat Empire - The Lost Song
I had nine lives but I lost all of them
and I’ve been searching in the night
and I’ve been searching in the rain
I tried to find them
The Cat Empire - The Car Song
The weekend is the weekend
And it’s sunny in the park
I’ll stay here with my beer and fish and......
I’ve got a lot of homework
The Cat Empire - Sol Y Sombra
Sol y Sombra aeh Mama
Ollie’s cha cha
Singing eah eah eah

The Cat Empire - Til The Ocean Takes Us All
I love you like oil
Coming down hard
Need you so fast
Need you so right away
The Cat Empire - So Many Nights
It doesn′t matter what I say It......
It seems I′m going to have to change......
I′ve got two shoes but they′ve......
And I thing that we could float from evening......
The Cat Empire - Siente
Siente L′amour but that is only half......
You fucking sangangui so long aufwiedersehn......
You had me feeling blue, but now I′m......

The Cat Empire - So Long
The bus drives over on a mellow scene
We′ve done this five nights and......
Oh I say, tomorrow′s free
And I seem to meet it in the morning and no......
The Cat Empire - Wanted To Write A Love Song
Sun slink down say,
Oh such a sexy time of day.
For those who call it romance
Haven′t learnt bout the
The Cat Empire - Sly
If frisy hair was a metaphor
for festival time
then this woman is a goddess
of that festival shrine, met her
The Cat Empire - No Mountain
No mountain can see
But sometimes a mountain can sing
Or hum at least I have heard one
Humming on the evening we ...
The Cat Empire - Song For The Day
Awake, can you imagine how much time
We spent round here
Enough to say that we have seen two moons......
Pass and turn away.
The Cat Empire - Strong Coffee
I like the sound of St Petersburg bells......
The night train rattle and shake and rumble......
Now Sigmund said something about this super......
My magic woman met this woman while the......
The Cat Empire - Fishies
I left the house left the room with the foxy......
And my supplies in a magic pack
And I followed the sound of music
Not up a hill ... but down to an old wharf......
The Cat Empire - 1001
Parking Inspector
- just made my list of one thousand
one thousand and one

The Cat Empire - Cities
Oh oh oh ... Blurring facing evasive......
747 lands I go out strolling

Pacing lacing up the shoes
The Cat Empire - The Chariot
This is a song that came upon me
one night
when the news it had been telling me
about one more war and one more fight
The Cat Empire - Anymore
I would not tell you how I feel
Anymore because I′ve seen
How men find offence in reason
I save my heart for my family
The Cat Empire - Two Shoes
One day one woman asked him
‘what do you to survive?’
he said ‘oh my dear listen here’
and this is what he cried
The Cat Empire - Motion
Set in motion my imagination′s miles
A million lights expose those magic cities......
and my
Young trials lead me sailing down this......
The Cat Empire - Manifesto
In the grass in the trees
Living life cause life is short
The Cat Empire - The Rhythm
And for all of the sweet loving that
I have received
in the sun in the rain
by the moon by the sea
The Cat Empire - Hello
Walking down the street
with some evil in my eye
and some thoughts in my head
that were making me feel high
The Cat Empire - Waltz
Was going to write a song at a time
When my life and my moods were in order and......
But the hour was late and my room was a......
And I realized that song I would never......
The Cat Empire - Radio Song
Don′t want to hear you say it′s......
Don′t want to hear you say it′s......
Don′t want to love you like that radio......
Don′t want to love you like that radio......
The Cat Empire - No Longer There
And though you′d like to hear a song
That sings everything′s all right
The temperature is warm
The fire horses sleep
The Cat Empire - The Wine Song
Song and melodies change and change
and sway
but they still stay the same
the songs that we sung when the dark days......
The Cat Empire - Lonely Moon
Girl in the park one day
Killing all the bugs on the pavement
Seems like she got a nasty streak
But she does it in a beautiful way
The Cat Empire - Voodoo Cowboy
His mother was a snake
His father was a scarecrow
Born in the desert with his hat on his head
Never missed a shot
The Cat Empire - Down At The 303
I want some culture
Never mind the cheese
Just want to hear music
And originality
The Cat Empire - Nothing
the sky looked sweet
when we dropped
a big bomb at our feet

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