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The Cardigans - Hanging Around
I wonder what it′s like
seeing through your eyes
You′ve offered me to have a try
but I was always late
The Cardigans - My Favourite Game
I don′t know what you′re looking......
you haven′t found it baby,......
You rip me up and spread me all around
in the dust of the deed of time
The Cardigans - Lovefool
Dear I fear we’re facing a problem
You love me no longer, I know and
maybe there is nothing that I can do
To make you do
The Cardigans - Drip Drop Teardrop
I′m gonna watch you while you get me......
I′m gonna sing until you hate this......
I′m gonna tell you in my sweetest......
I′m gonna choose you ′cause you......
The Cardigans - Slow
Slow, slow, slow
There is something you need to know
There′s a feeling I don′t......
Here it comes again
The Cardigans - Iron Man
(I am Iron Man!)

Has he lost his mind?
Can he see or is he blind?
The Cardigans - Overload
Oh what a match we are!
As we romance along
Towards the firescape
The Cardigans - Over The Water
turn away the collar
because the blowing is dry
walk away to the harbour
before your ships will fly
The Cardigans - Give Me Your Eyes
Oh girl, look at yourself, what have you......
What have you become
Well, I couldn′t say
Slow down and think of your heart, where do......
The Cardigans - In The Round
I am young and I′m alive
I want to talk about things
I am young and I own my life
I need to talk about it, baby
The Cardigans - Higher
I′m glad you came around today
I sure need a good companion
I′m losing it but you′re the......
Without you I move at random
The Cardigans - Heartbreaker
No, not again
oh, what a man
just who I thought that I wanted to have
Oh, don′t do that
The Cardigans - Great Divide
There′s a monster growing in our heads
raised up on the wicked things we′ve......
a great divide between us now
something we should know
The Cardigans - Rise & Shine
I want to be alone for a while
I want earth to breathe to me
I want the waves to grow loud
I want the sun to bleed down
The Cardigans - Godspell
I′ve heard about a great big swindle
I read about it in a book
The book flew out the window
Was later found by thieves and crooks
The Cardigans - Losing A Friend
You′re losing a friend
You got it all wrong
It′s not about revenge
But you′re losing a friend
The Cardigans - In The Afternoon
winter came by my bedroom today
falling in rows and covering the lane
morning shone on my windows today
passing the time I slumber away
The Cardigans - Holy Love
When you love
I can feel your love
Shooting holes in my stupid pride
When you love
The Cardigans - Good Morning Joan
Good morning Joan
Now pick up your phone
It was bad but just a dream
And you are remembered
The Cardigans - And Then You Kissed Me II
Slowdancing tight
My barren heart and I
Your name used to taste so sweet
Then you beat the love right out of me
The Cardigans - Explode
Ease your trouble
we′ll pay them double
not to look at you for a while
And you rely on
The Cardigans - Paralyzed
This is where your sanity gives in
and love begins
Never lose your grip
don′t trip
The Cardigans - Junk of the Hearts
We never chose to part
in this stupid play
I never felt by heart
that I could behave
The Cardigans - I Need Some Fine Wine And......
Sit, good dog, stay, bad dog, down, roll......
Well here′s a good man and a pretty......
Trying to play together somehow,
I′m wasting my life, you′re......
The Cardigans - Our Space
the night she died in the rented room
as the whole town was sleeping
she held her breath like a star in bloom
could burn down tomorrow
The Cardigans - Black Letter Day
I did all that I should, well all that I......
but will I be clean
I did all that I should, well all that I......
but it isn′t me
The Cardigans - Been It
Baby boy
Your face is pretty and your life′s a......
Master man
I′m never better than your latest plan
The Cardigans - Starter
This is a start
that I know I′ll believe in
so I′m leavin′ everything behind
Keeping the parts
The Cardigans - Cloudy Sky
you don′t want the sun to shine in
so you turn the curtains down
your eyes still don′t show me a thing
and you don′t feel it′s sunny......
The Cardigans - Little Black Cloud
A black cloud′s hanging over the town......
But I don′t mind
I don′t mind
There′s a cold breeze cutting through......

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