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The Black Ghosts - Any Way You Choose To......
I hope you know what your doing to me here
What your doing to me me here
Take some responsibility for your awareness......
I′d hate to believe only to find that......
The Black Ghosts - Something New
A different time and place some new faces in......
I′ve grown old too fast and whole......
And if disaster came at least there′d......
it′s got to be better than sitting on......
The Black Ghosts - Full Moon
when the full moon turns white that′s......
I am going out to see what I can sow
And I don′t know where I′ll go
And I don′t know what I′ll see
The Black Ghosts - I Want Nothing
I want nothing but the love of the next......
walks through that door
I want nothing but to dissolve in the night......
direction no more
The Black Ghosts - Tears From A Gun
i feel it on the tip of my tongue, these......
and down they roll to join up as one, look......
I hear it in the dead of the night, the bell......
Illuminate those deep in their sleep, the......
The Black Ghosts - Some Way Through This
Why did you leave that message on my phone
Was it from your head? Cause I don′t......
You could be right here, but would say what......
lonely and you blame me for never......
The Black Ghosts - Face
Don′t look now
Cause it is coming for you, it is coming for......
Dont slow down
It is around the corner, around the corner
The Black Ghosts - It′s Your Touch
Its your touch
It′s the way you bring love
And I can′t explain why I′m......
Its your smile
The Black Ghosts - Don′t Cry
don′t cry dear it aint worth it
the rain on your face says it all
don′t cry dear it aint worth it
together we′ll fall
The Black Ghosts - The Repetition
You feel lonesome don′t you
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
The light that you seek just aint in you......
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
The Black Ghosts - I Don′t Know
Your pretty eyes they follow me
Across the room to infinity
I turn around but you′re not there
Whats the name of the game that you play......

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