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The Birthday Massacre - Goodnight
First place on a classroom wall
Every turn of the face can help to break
The fall from a domestic disgrace
Every rumor displaced
The Birthday Massacre - Kill The Lights
This story′s missing a wishing well
No mirror to show and tell
No kiss that can break the spell
I′m falling asleep
The Birthday Massacre - Lovers End
Hands cover whispers of the lovers′......
Fear-cloaked renditions of that autumn night
Digging up rumours of the kids in the park
What awful things happened in the dark?
The Birthday Massacre - Red Stars
Best of cruel intentions
Finding what they fail to mention
No truth, all pretension
Raise your hand to get attention
The Birthday Massacre - Play Dead
And boys are so cold
They speak without meaning
The only time they talk is in their sleep
And girls are a bore
The Birthday Massacre - Happy Birthday
I think my friend said "I hear footsteps"
I wore my black and white dress
To the birthday massacre, birthday massacre,......
I wore my black and white dress
The Birthday Massacre - Blue
Plastic blue
Invitations in my room
I′ve been waiting here for you
Reservations made for two
The Birthday Massacre - The Dream
Her fabulous invention, what strange......
Her gloroius intentions, a sea of doubt......
It said "you′re not the first to dream......
You know it′s never happened once in......
The Birthday Massacre - Holiday
It′s getting late
It all just wanes and pales and fades away
If we just want it too much
And what a shame
The Birthday Massacre - To Die For
Tighten your tie boy
You′re something to die for
But don′t hold your breath now
You′re just killing time
The Birthday Massacre - Broken
Time is the promise
It turns and tells them what to do
It makes them dishonest
They let the suspicion kill the truth
The Birthday Massacre - Looking Glass
Waiting, as I′m wanting to
Speaking as I′m spoken to
Changing to your point of view
Fading as I follow you
The Birthday Massacre - Remember Me
We don′t know what time we′ll be......
But we won′t show up till later
It will all look so much nicer
After all of us arrive
The Birthday Massacre - Falling Down
This blackened eye.
Your learned your lessons falling down.
Far behind, and tracing footsteps home.
The Birthday Massacre - Unfamiliar
Nothing passes lightly.
A heavy hand is holding me down -
A breeze is just an unfamiliar sound, to me.
The Birthday Massacre - Over
He watches her while she is sleeping
He wonders if he could watch her forever
He wants to know every secret she keeps
He wants to know what it is that keeps them......
The Birthday Massacre - Video Kid
Next phase, next craze, next nothing new.
Got the pretty boy beat him up black and......
Broke the sissy boy′s teeny toy heart......
Turned him into a video kid like you.
The Birthday Massacre - Walking With......
Look around for a means to dissuade her......
Can′t remember the places and names......

My words are falling apart in spite of me.
The Birthday Massacre - Under The Stairs
You know you′re too young for your age
I feel kind of sorry for you
Cause it′s such a shame
You won′t be laughing when I′m......
The Birthday Massacre - Science
Make you up.
Take you out.
Play it up to bring you down.
Take the time to make this last.
The Birthday Massacre - Movie
Look around for a means to dissuade her......
Can′t remember the places and names......

My words are falling apart in spite of me.
The Birthday Massacre - Nevermind
Five glasses changed my mind.
Seems like the ticking hands are taking......
I guess I′ve been at home for longer......
So slap me if I step out of line.
The Birthday Massacre - HorrorShow
They′re getting ugly
They′re a horror show
And now we′re laughing
Because they′ll never know

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