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The All-American Rejects - Why Worry (текст песни)

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Why Worry

I worry, I wonder all the time why worry
It′s killing me, forget about it

I whisper, remember what she did
Don′t miss her
Set me free, she won′t allow it

Angry and gone, and the list goes on and on
If it′s love, I will differ, I′m being lost being with her

I can′t move on, I can′t take it
She, she says we won′t ma-a-ake it now
I can′t move on, I can′t take it
She, she says we won′t ma-a-ake it now

Be-lieving, the things i did were wrong
I′m leaving
It fades a-way, forget about it
She′s binding, can′t do a thing alone
Times before, can′t live without it

I don′t know
But you did but you did but yo-ou did
Please don′t go
Now my feelings for you they′re now lost
′cause we′re through anymore
I′ll write you , I′ll call you

@ The All-American Rejects

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Испонитель: The All-American Rejects
Название песни: Why Worry
Количество просмотров: 120
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