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Teddy Geiger - Hallelujah
You′re the girl in the back of the......
My wallflower that′s in bloom
You′re so oblivious to this
But I could fall into those eyes
Teddy Geiger - Air Dry
Well I kiss the rain I waited up
You′re pouring dragons in my cup
Done tryin
I can′t cope with it
Teddy Geiger - Thinking Underage
So soon to say it′s over
Let′s see what happens later on
I′m sixteen the world just opened wide
I′ve got a pocket full of change
Teddy Geiger - Night Air
Night air breathes
Not so easy as before
Did you notice, did you take the time to......
Or to my words
Teddy Geiger - Seven Days Without You
Sitting here counting the hours
Waiting for the sun to kiss the sea
Done tryin
There are lies
Teddy Geiger - Possibilities
I′m walking on clouds now
And the sky is falling all down
Well I don′t wanna wake up
If I′m dreamin
Teddy Geiger - Love Is A Marathon
You love to run
Into the arms of anyone
Take off your shoes and socks and stay......

Teddy Geiger - For You I Will (Confidence)
I′m wandering the streets in a world......
Nothing seems to be
Nothing tastes as sweet as what I......
Like you and the way that you′re......
Teddy Geiger - A Million Years
Caught up in what′s in
Caught up in the things that everyone wants
Caught up in what′s out
Caught up in the things that you could do......
Teddy Geiger - These Walls
I can′t believe what is in front of me
The water′s rising up to my knees
And i can′t figure out
How the hell i wound up here
Teddy Geiger - Try Too Hard
Love, life
One speaks for the other one here
And love, life
One speaks for the other one now
Teddy Geiger - Look Where We Are Now
I need a break it′s all the same
Under the sweet December rain
Just a crack of yellow light
To shine on my head

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