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Taproot - I will not fall for you (текст песни)

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I will not fall for you

I Will Not Fall For You Lyrics
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Well I hear a voice of faith
Resonate a belief in choice with no way to escape
It′s a ploy to weaken the sense of joy and bury us
Separates the good of evil
Placing shame on helpless people
stabbing hate infectious needles shallow forces spreading seeds will
Feed the flame of ignorance takes away our freedom to say

I will not fall for you


Well I see a fingers′ point
But not that use ostracizing noise with a narrowed view
It′s okay the rest of us heal the pain now we′re free to say

Separate yourself from all the hating people who want to take you down say
I will, I will not, fall for you

@ Taproot

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Испонитель: Taproot
Название песни: I will not fall for you
Количество просмотров: 97
Количество сообщений: 0

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