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Taproot - As one (текст песни)

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As one

These are the eyes that i′ve been shown,
This is the voice that you control,
This is the consciousness that′s grown,
These are the truth′s i′ve come to know,
Who sees through broken filters,
Who hears through empty drones,
We bleed the sap of everything,
I wonder who is listening;

You are the wind as you are the ground,
You speak through me,
And now i′ve found I hear you (perfectly);

Mother, mother,
Land and sea,
I am you and you are me as one,
Father, father,
I believe,
Defeat the earth and you defeat it′s
Sons, and daughters,
I am you and you are me as one;

These are the answers in our bones,
These are the thoughts to bring us home,
This is our chance to love and grow,
These are the truth′s i′ve come to know,
We need to fix the filters,
We have to hear the tone

@ Taproot

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Испонитель: Taproot
Название песни: As one
Количество просмотров: 90
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