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Tamia - Tell Me Who
Wait a minute
There′s something on my mind
I can′t hold in any longer
Turn around
Tamia - Tomorrow
Jesus said here I stand

Won′t you please let me in

Tamia - So Into You
With every passing moment

Thoughts of you run through my head

Tamia - Falling For You
Could I be falling for you
Is this a fantasy come true
Is this a dream that I′ve waited for
Am I the one that you adore
Tamia - Never Gonna Let You Go
Oh la la

Verse1 :
Tamia - Careless Whisper
Time can never mend
The careless whisper of a good friend
To the heart in mind
Ignorance is kind
Tamia - Gotta Move On
Verse1 :
Every now and then
I seem to get this funny feelin′
When it comes to me and you
Tamia - Close To You
Why do birds suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.
Tamia - You Put A Move On My Heart
Baby I just want you to understand
Just exactly how you make me feel
Ooo, oo yeah
I wanna feel you next to me, oooo
Tamia - Make Tonight Beautiful
I′ve been waiting to taste your kiss
Touch you in the dark, hold you to my heart
I′ve been hoping for that moment......
Now the time has come, come with me, tonight
Tamia - Dance My Dreams
Spinning, twirling, flying away
Memories guide me from yesterday
Time will reveal my destiny
So why should I fight
Tamia - Stranger in my house
I don′t understand
You look just like the man
In the picture by our bed
The suspence is pounding and clouding up my......
Tamia - Long Distance Love
It′s so hard having a long distance......
It seems like
Well, it just seems like he′s so far......
Tamia - Officially Missing You


Tamia - Into You
I can′t really explain it
I′m so into you now
I wanna be more than a friend to you now
When they ask, I mention my babygirl in the......
Tamia - Spend My Life With You
never knew such a day could come
And I never knew such a love
Could be inside of one

Tamia - The Way I Love You
She cant do what I do to you,
I know she can′t love you the way I......

Right here looking in your eyes,
Tamia - Love & I
Love has not been
That great of a friend to me, lately.
Over and over, again and again
Love has proved that she is tired of me, my......
Tamia - It′s A Party
[Chorus x2]

If you′re sitting down
Time to get up

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