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Take That - The flood
Standing, on the edge of forever,
At the start of whatever,
Shouting love at the world.
Back then, we were like cavemen,
Take That - She Said
My love
Was filled with trouble
With indecision, therapy and pain
You know that my love
Take That - The Garden
And the fishermen came back across the water
And the people started running in the park
And the city stopped, as I held you in my......
We could hear the sound of sirens all around......
Take That - You
It′s not a spark that gives me light
It′s not the days I′m up all......
It′s not a story I have read
Or a picture in my head
Take That - How Did It Come To This
I didn′t see it coming
It took me by surprise
Just when I wasn′t looking
I noticed all the lies
Take That - Rule the World
You light the skies, up above me
A star, so bright, you blind me, yeah
Don’t close your eyes
Don’t fade away, don’t fade away-
Take That - Up All Night
Sometimes I see your face looking at me
All your love and grace smiling at me
All the things we had and never understood
At times it cuts me up thinking of you
Take That - Greatest Day
Today this could be, the greatest day of our......
Before it all ends, before we run out of......
Stay close to me,
Stay close to me
Take That - The Circus
Silence please ′cos i′ve got......
And i′m going round in circles every......
The more I shout the more I hesitate
Now that you′re gone
Take That - What Is Love
Is it a truth?
Or is it a fear?
Is it a rose to for my valentine?
What is love?
Take That - Kidz
Kings and Queens and Presidents
Ministers of Governments
Welcome to the future of your world
Through talking heads that took liberties
Take That - Hold Up A Light
You can dance if you like
You can sing every line of every song
No, you dont have to steal the show
It was your show all along
Take That - Hello
I′d watch the world go by in the......
Looks like the cost of houses are falling......
I′d write a long love song with no......
A life of filter coffee and dreaming,......
Take That - Said It All
When the tears fall away
And there′s no conversation
There′s nothing left to break
That′s not already broken
Take That - Here
Up and down
I love a merry-go-round
You went your way, I went my way
Said you′ll see me down life′s......
Take That - Julie
Julie, what′s your problem?
Won′t you tell me, what′s going......
Cause there′s a dark cloud, hanging......
You′ve been down, down, down too long.

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