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Taio Cruz - Keep Going
Two lives, two hearts
Two souls, who never part
We said, we would
For life and that′s why
Taio Cruz - Imagine
Imagine there′s no Heaven
It′s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Taio Cruz - Moving On
I Cant Wait Til You′re Gone Away
Cuz Then I
Can Move On
Taio Cruz - Troublemaker
I saw when you arrived
Looking like a super model
Your ass from the side looks just like a......
I love the way you ride
Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart
Woah Woah
Now listen to me baby
Before I love and leave you
They call me heart breaker
Taio Cruz - Dynamite
I came to dance, dance, dance, dance
I hit the floor
′Cause that′s my plans, plans,......
I′m wearing all my favorite brands,......
Taio Cruz - Driving Me Crazy
Crazy girl...
She′s like a model.
The way she dances,
I like her style!
Taio Cruz - Beat It
[Verse 1:]
(Beat It, Beat It)
Girl, What The Hell Was You Thinking......
You Really Think I Wont Gon′ Find Out
Taio Cruz - Rainfall
Rainfall [x4]
I like to know what′s going on,
In this world we′re living on
So much poverty all around me,
Taio Cruz - Positive
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Even though thier tryin knock me over
I never fall down
Cuz I′m gonna wear a crown
Taio Cruz - Best Girl
Hey Hey Hey [x8]
Young girl you′re the type I need
Baby you should know you are the one that I......
Everything about you is the way that I like
Taio Cruz - Falling In Love
It must be love
Because we are too afraid to say
It must be love
And so we paint everything in grey
Taio Cruz - Ay Ay Ay
You and ay (4x)
Some ppl say
I shouldnt be
Be with you
Taio Cruz - Only You
one moment
one moment ago
I left
I left the road
Taio Cruz - The 11th Hour
I was wrong to let you walk right out of my......
I was dumb to think that I could survive
Was a fool to think the grass was greener on......
Now it hurts to know that here means that i
Taio Cruz - Naked
Sex To The Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y
Listen Baby What You Say
I Can See That You Don′t Play
Cause Those Heels That Your Wearing I Really......
Taio Cruz - Take Me Back
Coz i cant live without Ya oh oh oh
(Girl i cant live without ya oh oh oh oh!)
Cloud nine strides
Coz i cant live without Ya oh oh oh
Taio Cruz - Give My Love Away
Here you are... again.sitting at our......
Can′t believe that you would be so......
I know that you wanna be
With somebody new & that′s cool with......
Taio Cruz - Dirty Picture
I could dream of ways to see you
I could close my eyes to dream
I could fantasize about you
Tell the world what I believe
Taio Cruz - Feel Again
I believe that in time my heart will heal......
and i believe that in time my heart will......
so i keep on holding on (yeah)
so i keep on being strong (yeah)
Taio Cruz - Come On Girl
C′mon Girl, C′mon Girl,......
C′mon Girl, C′mon Girl,......
Baby girl you know that I just wanna take......
Taio Cruz - No Other One
I don′t need to ever exchange
(You know I)
I don′t need to ever replace
(You know I)
Taio Cruz - I Can Be
Now I feel that this hold of mine has taken......
Still sometimes the rain can turn into a......
The prettiest things can come out of the......
And even with broken wings, sometimes you......
Taio Cruz - Telling The World
Every part in my heart I′m giving out
Every song on my lips I′m singing out
Any fear in my soul I′m letting go
And anyone who ask I′ll let them know
Taio Cruz - Higher
Now I know im gun’ get down on the floor
Experiencing what you cant ignore
But something bout this beat just got me......
Come over here and take a closer look
Taio Cruz - I Just Wanna Know
[Verse 1:]
Baby Talk To Me
What Is Going On
Cos Lately
Taio Cruz - Heart Away To You
The first day we met girl it was so a......
and i told to you ′cause you were......
it was obvious our feeling was mututal
i should told you babe but i just......
Taio Cruz - Take You Away
Baby Girl You Know That I Just Wanna Take......
Do Things To You That Will Definately Gonna......
I Love How You Shake That Little Booty......
We Can Do Whatever Keep It Public Or If You
Taio Cruz - There She Goes (feat. Pitbull)
There She Goes Looking Like A Star
With Her Body Shaped Like A Rock Guitar
There She Goes Like A Shooting Star
Make You Wanna Play
Taio Cruz - I′ll Never Love Again
I was wrong to let you walk right out of my......
fool to think that the grass was greener on......
Chorus: I′ll never love again.(never,......

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